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The Entire Town of Casselton, ND Learns to Let Go with The Sedona Method!

Limited Edition Eight-DVD Video Set

Be a part of this historic event! The entire town of Casselton ND was invited to learn The Sedona Method at a free three-day seminar that took place in March, 2005. Picture yourself laughing, crying, and letting go alongside 1,000 other people who are experiencing for the first time the amazing benefits the Method can bring including freedom from depression pain anxiety bad habits and so much more. Sedona Training Associates donated over 1,500 books and DVDs as well as all other expenses involved in the event to support the town and help get the word out about The Sedona Method.

Take advantage of this opportunity to participate in the moment-by-moment unfolding of this event. These videos will be a great way to review the basics of the Method or to learn it from scratch. As you view these recordings over and over again youíll be able to review or learn the Method from the unique perspective of sharing the experience with the people of this small rural community who have never experienced The Sedona Method before. Itís the next best thing to being there!

The Casselton Sedona Method Course is taught by Hale Dwoskin with the assistance of instructors David Ellzey, Elliott Grumer, Ralph Gutkin, Karyn Klapecki, Tom Kornbluh, Suzanne Mark Mechthild Ruggier and Dan Sternberg. All instructors attending the event worked free of charge and donated their expenses.

Recorded live and unedited

DVD Total time approximately 5.75 hours

Casselton Sedona Method Course (Dwoskin)
Program Contents
8-DVD Set
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