The Money Course 2023

12-Session Releasing Series

Back by popular demand! We decided to offer this course live again so you could have the many benefits that everyone enjoyed during the 2019 live event. Also, as with all our live courses, they dramatically change every time.

This new live series will take the material to a deeper, more transformative place, so you can get much more benefit from it even if you have done it before. In addition to all the powerful tools we used in the original The Money Course, we will be using both the Free Way and the No Way, so prepare yourself to have it all.

Even post pandemic we still live in a world where most of us live as though money actually does make the world go round. We measure every part of our lives by how much money it costs or how much money we can make.

Even when we have lots of money, we usually see our bank accounts as half empty rather than half full. We don’t pursue our passions unless we think they will immediately produce financial results. And we rarely if ever stop to simply enjoy that which is actually happening.

We are often at war with money. We feel like it is being stingy, or it is not allowing us to have what we want. We treat making and having money like it is a battle for dominance and/or survival. Yet is does not have to be this way.

In The Money Course 2023 you will...

  • Explore your relationship to money and how to stop it from controlling your life and stealing your aliveness
  • Discover a new way to be with money based on abundance rather than lack
  • Release the inner obstacles to having great wealth with ease as you allow yourself to begin to accept the amount of money you already have
  • See and dissolve the beliefs that prevent you from having and enjoying the true richness that money can provide
  • Learn to be comfortable with the natural flow of money and open the floodgates to lasting wealth
  • Make peace with money and open to the powerful, peaceful, and natural current which brings more effortless ease to every part of your life

And don’t worry if you cannot make it to all of the live sessions. We will have recordings for you, and they will be every bit as effective.

The Money Course 2023 Live Releasing Series
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January 23 through 28, 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. daily. Live audio via the internet or telephone.


We will cover...

Money Is Just a Word

When we say the word money all of us have many conflicting memories and beliefs about what that word represents. We forget that the form that we give money in our minds is not its true form. When you release the feelings you have about the word money, you can clearly see what is true for you about that money and how to use it to help yourself and others that you care about achieve abundance and contentment with money.

Lust Is a Bust

That saying from Lester Levenson refers to our insatiable lust for money. Having money is of course great and necessary to live in our world. However, we have lost ourselves in giving it more value than it deserves. When we lust for money we feel lack and never satisfied or able to enjoy what we have. There is a saying in Wall Street: “Bears make money. Bulls make money. Pigs get slaughtered.” Because of our lust we miss opportunities to have more money and instead hold onto the strategies that are causing us to have less. Our lust causes us to make critical mistakes of judgment which prevent us from achieving what we desire. When you release a lust for money, money flows into your experience with greater ease. Plus, you enjoy the money you do have with greater delight. When you let go of the lust you can have instead. Which would you prefer?

Healing Your Relationship with Money

Most of us have completely dysfunctional relationships with money. Instead of being a means for a better life and for greater security it has become a task master spoiling our happiness and robbing us of joy. When you heal your relationship to money it becomes your friend and a natural extension of your positive intent. You work with money to achieve what is in your highest and best good and it becomes a lot easier.

The Power of Giving and Receiving

Giving and receiving are two sides of the same universal flow. In order to have true abundance and well-being it is important to open to both giving and receiving.

When we simply hoard money without at least the intent of sharing we find that we live a more lonely life filled with the feeling of scarcity. When we use our money to not only help ourselves but to help those in need and to help the planet it gives us great satisfaction. The feeling of givingness is the place to start. This is not about giving more than you can afford. It is about sharing from the heart without wanting anything back in return, even recognition. The more you give the more you enjoy the goodness that money can bring to you and all you care about.

Often, we do not ask for the money we deserve or for the value of the service or product we offer. We can even feel uncomfortable asking for what is rightfully ours. When we let this go we discover that when we allow ourselves to receive money it opens us to the abundance that is already within and around us. By both being open to receiving and giving you open to the universal flow.

Forgiving Yourself for Your Past Failures with Money

We often are very hard on ourselves about what we believe are our past failures with money. We forget what most people who are successful have discovered that even when we don’t succeed we learn the lessons we need to do better next time. Also, when we feel like we have failed at something instead of not yet succeeded we punish ourselves for our lack of success with even more lack. Forgiving yourself for past mistakes with money liberates you to thrive and triumph now.

Money Is More than Your Beliefs About It

There are so many conflicting beliefs about money that we often feel jammed or blocked from our goals without realizing it. We treat our beliefs as the truth as opposed to just one perspective. When you discover that your beliefs are not the truth you discover what is actually true for you in this moment and work from the actual experience of what is as opposed to what you have led yourself to believe about it.

Are You a Money Lemming?

We are often following the herd when it comes to money and don’t notice until it is too late that we are about to step off the cliff. When we stop accepting the mass consciousness about money we discover that we can blaze a new path without the conflicts and obstacles society’s beliefs appear to create for us. We can create our own trends as opposed to blindly following or railing against the existing ones. When you live with eyes open about money you see more clearly your right path to success and happiness.

Money Does Not Buy You Happiness

We often feel that happiness is not possible unless we have enough money. We think that happiness can be bought and sold. Yet when we believe that money is going to bring us happiness even when we have it we feel empty inside. When you discover that you are your own source of happiness and bring that to your relationship with money you are free to see money as it is which makes it easier to have and enjoy.

Gratitude Opens the Gates of Abundance

When we take what we have for granted we tend to lose or abuse it. When we honor and feel grateful for whatever level of abundance we have now we open ourselves to both having more and suffering less. We find that we can open ourselves to all that money has to offer and enjoy the bounty with greater ease. Plus, feeling grateful swells your heart with joy and light which is its own sparkling prize.

For the Love of Money

Most of us have a love/hate relationship with money. No matter how much we have we hate our dependence on it and whatever it is we need to do to get and have money. When you learn to love money as it is you discover a whole new way of being with it that supports you in abundance and success.

You Are Enough

We live life as though we never have enough or are enough. This causes all sorts of distortions within ourselves and our worlds and it does not lead to abundance. Lack begets lack. When you allow yourself to be open at least to the possibility that you are enough and have enough your world reflects that in glorious ways.

Money Is Just Energy

We treat money like it is solid and separate from us. Yet money is really just part of the one energy that all is. As we tap into this one energy we discover that money and ourselves are not separate from this one living force that unites, enlivens and illuminates all. As you discover this underlying unity your perception of and ability to master money expands and you feel supremely unencumbered by the limitations you have imposed on money in your life.

The Money Course 2023 Live Releasing Series
10 payments of $25.00
Buy Now!
It's Risk Free!
January 23 through 28, 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. daily. Live audio via the internet or telephone.