Events with Hale Dwoskin and Sedona Method Certified Instructors

Happiness and Joy

12-Session Releasing Series

This 12-session course will help you discover that you can generate feelings of happiness and joy at will in any situation (even the ones that appear to rob you of your happiness now). This program will also include the new way of releasing from or as Freedom called The Free Way.

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It is not just love that we look for in all the wrong places; it is happiness and joy as well. Because we are looking away from our innate contentment and delight, we miss experiencing it more in all parts of our life. As we discover the true source of these wonderful feelings, we discover that we can generate them at will in any situation, even the ones that appear to rob us of our happiness now.

Lester Levenson used to say, “Happiness is you being you.” He was not referring to the personal you that exists in opposition to others. He was referring to that which we truly are. Everything we do on this course will help you rediscover and live as your true or natural self.

On this course we will explore how you can uncover and live happiness even when your life is challenging, and your outer world is in turmoil. As you learn to access and live from your infinite inner well of contentment and bliss, you can handle whatever life brings your way with greater ease, focus, clarity, and effectiveness.

Allowing What Is to Be as It Is

We spend so much time wanting to change what is that we not only get stuck in situations that could easily be changed, but we also live in constant irritation and unhappiness. When you let go of your wanting to change what is you discover a perfection in the now that causes happiness to arise within you spontaneously and sometimes even continuously. As you move from wanting to change to allowing, you also find ways to resolve even longstanding problems with greater ease and joy.

What Do You Think Brings You Joy

It is important to allow yourself to have, be, and do things that you love in your life. Filling your life with activities and things that appear to bring you joy is a great way to break the log jam of unhappiness that we carry inside. You can also discover as you allow this in your life that you can access this joyousness and delight directly even when it is not practical or possible to change external circumstances.

Going with the Flow

Our lives are in constant flux and change yet most of the time we are resisting the changeful nature of our experience and trying to create a sense of permanence where it isn’t. As we let go of our resistance to life as it is unfolding, we tend to flow with transformation as opposed to fighting it. The more we let go of our resistance the more we find that we can deal calmly, happily, and effectively with what is actually happening now.

Stop Giving Your Power Away to the World

As we examine our lives, we believe that certain things automatically make us feel happy and others make us feel sad or unhappy. We forget that happiness and sadness are in the eyes and heart of the beholder and therefore not written in stone. We can discover that we are in charge of how we feel and how we react to what is. As you discover that you can choose how you react, you take your power back and discover that you manage your joy—not anyone or anything else.

Squaring All with Love

Lester Levenson, the inspiration behind The Sedona Method, discovered and taught that one of our greatest sources of happiness was when we were loving. Most of us spend a good part of our day trying to get others to pay attention to, care about, approve of, or love us, not realizing that even when we get these desires, we are often no more happy and content than we were before. In fact, often when we get the external validation it simply feeds the inner monster and makes us want more. It leaves us feeling dissatisfied or even empty inside.

Yet when we uncover and share the love that is our natural state at the core of each and every one of us, it brings a feeling of happiness and peace that is sometimes indescribable. When we are loving instead of craving love, when we bring joy to every situation, people tend to be more cooperative and supportive as well.

It’s Not Your Fault

We often blame ourselves, our circumstance, and apparent others for our lack of happiness. When we blame the external, we prevent ourselves from truly finding lasting solutions. We also are sentencing ourselves to living unhappily because we feel that the world needs to change before we can set ourselves free to be joyous. As we stop blaming ourselves and others, we take responsibility for our own happiness and have it in abundance.

Giving from the Heart

One of the most powerful ways to express love in life and thereby experience unlimited happiness is to allow yourself to give freely from the heart. As you allow yourself to give without strings, it brings with it unlimited happiness. This is not about sacrifice or even acknowledgment. It is about sharing your inner/outer wealth with those that appear separate from you. As you give fully, you love fully and are rewarded with great peace and bliss.

Paying Attention to What is Actually Here Now

We spend most of our waking hours either wanting to fix or change what was or wanting to control what might be. We miss the fact that the only time we can do anything about anything is now. In fact, as you start to pay more attention to what is actually here now, you discover the richness and beauty that is already within and around you. The more you focus on what is as opposed to what was or might be, the more you feel whole and complete and ready to deal with your life and the world.

Noticing the Space

We view our world based on the objects that appear in consciousness and thereby miss the emptiness or space on or in which all objects appear. When we pause and notice the space, we discover a new way of feeling and being which fills our consciousness with a light and joyousness that is pure delight. The more we pay attention to the space, the more we can discern what is actually needing our direct attention and action, and we stop stressing over or obsessing about objects that are actually fine in this moment. The space is boundless; the objects that appear in it are not. When we focus more on the space, we feel this boundlessness and it opens us to a whole new world.

It’s Not Personal

We so often forget that often what we are taking personally in this moment is not personal at all. When we make our experiences all about us it causes us to suffer unnecessarily. Yet, if we really pay attention, we discover that all is part of the one universal consciousness, and it’s not personal except in our minds. As we discover that it is not personal, we can find solutions where we only saw problems, and we naturally live with a greater experience of harmony, peace, and joy.

Allowing for Inner Silence

One of the greatest robbers of our aliveness and contentment is the noise in our minds. Every time we let go, we are lessening this inner noise and opening to greater inner stillness. The more effective we become at letting go the easier it is to uncover the inner tranquility. Plus, as we give our attention to our inner silence, we discover that it is already shining in plain view before, during, and after every thought and feeling. As we give this stillness our attention instead of our inner noise it appears to expand and move into the foreground, helping us put our inner turmoil into greater perspective.

Beingness is Bliss

When you allow yourself to simply be, you find there are no limits to happiness, peace, and joy. Beingness is the gateway to our unlimited nature and it is also the doorway to unshakable happiness. The more we simply allow ourselves to be, the more we live life filled with unstoppable happiness, and the more we open ourselves to the truth of who or what we are that is even beyond happiness and its opposite.


The Free Way

This program will also include the new way of releasing from or as Freedom called The Free Way.

As you have probably heard, and even felt many times, you are already the Freedom you are seeking.

As you simply allow yourself to perceive whatever appears to be limiting “you” from the perspective of that which has never been limited, all else dissolves revealing profound peace, light, love, and clarity.

As you see it from this perspective it becomes harder and harder to hold onto what just a moment ago may have seemed an unsolvable issue or an un-releasable limitation.

Releasing from Freedom also profoundly shifts the way you perceive and experience all that appears. As you keep releasing from this perspective you discover that there is no such thing as an enlightened person. There is enlightenment perceiving the appearance of the personal.