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The Benefits of Forgetting

Monday, December 1st, 2014 by Hale Dwoskin

How many things are you trying to keep track of at this moment?

Did you respond to all of the latest communications you received on Facebook, Twitter, your texts, your emails or even all your phone messages?

The project you’re supposed to have finished for work in one hour, and the new one that your boss just handed you that’s needed ASAP?

The meetings you have scheduled all your children’s appointments with the coaches, play dates, tutors and lessons?

Your password for your new email account, or was that the one for your bank account?

The list for many of you may seem endless, and you likely feel anxious just thinking about all that you have to remember. And it’s no coincidence that the more you have on your plate, the more you likely find yourself misplacing your car keys, leaving your purse in a restaurant or completely forgetting about an appointment. Your mind is simply overloaded.