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5 Ways of Conquering Ebola From Within

October 24th, 2014 by Hale Dwoskin

We need to be dealing with Ebola at every front if we are to succeed in containing this current outbreak.

This is a very real threat to our human community and it must be dealt with directly and effectively if we all want to preserve our way of life.

You may be thinking that sitting on the sidelines and watching the news is enough. But it is not enough. You, as a member of the human family, can be more engaged in the solution. This will not only benefit all of us but it will also benefit you.

Here is how you can get involved in a positive way and help yourself and our species:

Get into positive external action.

Donate to a nonprofit organization.

Find an organization that you trust that has boots on the ground in West Africa so that they can support local and world government response. This will not only help slow the spread of the virus but will help you to pull up your own energy out of fear into more of a feeling of love, compassion, and courage.

Stay alert to any local response.

Even though obsession is ill advised, smart preparation is not. If you get an intuitive call to prepare in some way or are advised to prepare by people who are truly in the know take it seriously and act judiciously. Here, it is important to not get obsessive. For right now, less is more. If you are getting what you think is an intuitive call, remember to let go of any emotion tied to your ideas to act. When you let go of the emotions that are clouding your intuition, you will find that if it is true intuition, it will simply get quieter and clearer. If it is simply fear based, the desire to prepare will drop away.

Stop obsessing over the news.

It is important to stay informed. And pretending any problem will go away just because you are not paying attention is a losing strategy. However, when we obsess over negative headlines we are our adding our fear to the problem. This causes wear and tear on our own system, wastes our vital energy, and feeds negative mass consciousness. So cut back on checking on the story and do your best to let go of your fear and worry. (See the exercise on releasing fear at the end of this post.)

Take responsibility for your own inner response.

Share the light that you are. (Pray)

The light of Pure Consciousness shines through all of us illuminating our world. When we focus this light on love and compassion we naturally gravitate to being part of the solution to any problem rather than contributing to the problem. When we color our light with anger, fear, or distress, we are contributing to the problem.

So focus your light and love, as best you can, on the people who are responding to Ebola and those who are already suffering from it. Hold in mind that they have a positive future and that whatever happens to them is for their highest and best good. Or, you can simply turn it over to higher power – the power that is the way.

Release your fear.

When we are worried or afraid, without realizing it, we are anticipating the very thing that we don’t want to happen actually happening. In other words, if you do not want Ebola to spread to where you live you are already picturing it spreading there. If you do not want it to go airborne you are picturing it already going airborne.

So allow yourself to let go of the anticipation or expectation for that thing happening.

You can use the specific process as follows by asking yourself the following questions. The more you do this with your heart as opposed to your head the more powerful the process will be for you. Answer the questions truthfully to yourself, knowing that you can respond yes or no and still let go.

  1. What am I afraid of?
  2. Could I allow myself to welcome whatever that brings up inside?
  3. Could I let go of the expectation or anticipation of that happening as best I can?
  4. Could I welcome the light of pure consciousness as best I can?

This is one round. I would continue to practice this as often as you would like or whenever you are feeling stressed about Ebola or any other fear based issue.

Together we really can make a difference!

Please comment below and share this with everyone you know.


(This article first appeared on The Huffington Post)