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Be the First to Love

November 21st, 2018 by Hale Dwoskin

Most of us lead with our fear, anger, or self-interest when we find ourselves in a new situation. We wait to see if it is safe before we open our hearts and minds to what is actually going on. Since we are waiting, we are locked in the illusion of time and place. We lock ourselves into believing that we are separate from each other, and our world, thereby living in isolation and limitation. For most, the waiting never ends.

It’s time to stop waiting and embrace love in action

When we lead with limitation we find only limitation.

However, when we lead with love we meet love. What would our world be like if we lead with love?

Picture a world where…

  • The right and the left meet each other with love and mutual respect.
  • Men and woman truly find equality and mutuality.
  • All human beings treat each other, and our environment, as though all is sacred and is to be cherished.
  • A world where love nurtures, heals, and guides us to right attitude and action.

Here is a great way to put this into action.

Before, during, and after any event where you think there is room for more love use any of these questions to uncover love within yourself and allow it to express through you.

  • How can I lead with love in this situation?
  • What is in everyone’s highest and best good in this situation?
  • What is a mutual and harmonious outcome in this situation?
  • How can I find common ground with ____?

Of course, you can also come up with your own questions that point you in this direction.

As you pose these questions, your clear reason and intuitive knowningess will lead you to more positive and loving expressions and outcomes.

If you find yourself hesitating from moving in a positive direction, you can use the following questions to release whatever is inside of you that is holding on or holding back from living from and as love…

  • Could I welcome whatever I am feeling?
  • Could I let go of this feeling as best I can?
  • Would I let it go as best I can?
  • When?

These straightforward questions from The Sedona Method will get you started in the direction of letting go with greater ease from all that is holding you back from being your more authentic and loving self.

I know this may seem like a pipe dream. However, if we each look into our hearts and explore this, at least as a possibility, we can open to a new paradigm and a new way of being with ourselves, each other, and the world we share.

Join me this holiday season in being lead by and leading as love.