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What is Behind the Mind

December 12th, 2014 by Hale Dwoskin

Lester Levenson“The thing that keeps us from recognizing and expressing our infinity is simply the mind, conscious and subconscious. If we are to express this infinite nature, we can do it only by getting behind this mind. When we reach the realm behind the mind, we operate without thoughts–intuitively–and are in harmony with the whole universe.”
Lester Levenson, Happiness Is Free and It’s Easier Than You Think: Book 2 of 5, Session 3

Most of the time we let the mind take the forefront of our consciousness and ignore that which we truly are. We live life as though are thoughts and feeling are real and are who we are.

Develop the habit of watching the movements of the thoughts and feelings – of the mind. When you are truly watching the mind you are watching it from the realm of Freedom. To know if you are truly watching the mind, notice if you are trying to direct the show of your thoughts and feelings. If you are trying to direct the show or reacting to your reactions then you are not watching. The mind is merely engaging with itself.

Releasing itself can be a form of trying to direct the show to varying degrees. The more you are attached to the outcome of the release the more it keeps you in the realm of the mind. However, every time you let go the mind recedes a little or a lot depending on the depth of the release. The deeper the release the more you feel and experience that which is always behind the mind. So both watching and releasing support you in discovering the beauty and harmony that is behind the illusion we call the world – the projection of the mind.

Experiment with this quote from Lester and these suggestions from me and let us know what you discover.



Hale Dwoskin

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3 Responses to “What is Behind the Mind”

  1. marie youngs says:

    I truly love the sedonna method and use it daily. I also love the work of eckhart Tolle which mirrors what Lester has said.
    I have had glimpses of what all spiritual teachers talk about and their words are very comforting. However, I am stuck (and yes I have let go of wanting to change that stickiness)! Both you and eckhart have millions of followers, so presumably there would be a significant number of people taking action from a state of presence or no self, and from.this state it would be impossible to harm another human or animal. Presumably then all spiritual teachers would be vegan or make that their goal, as we teach through being. The core of my spirituality is living a vegan lifestyle and sharing with others where I can in order to help eliminate suffering. For me it is very sad that the majority of people who are attracted to this work have experienced deep.suffering and often see themselves as the victim.of life and yet fail to take any responsibility for the untold suffering that they continue to inflict on animals. They may be able to bring deep personal suffering caused by others into the light of consciousness but not the suffering that they are causing and this is never really addressed by spiritual teachers. I now have little faith in.words, it is only action.that will change the world and the world is looking for someone to guide them. Please be that guide hale and I am sure that others will follow.
    Now I have become hootless to your response or lack of response but thank you anyway and for the amazing work you do for humans.

    • Alex Viefhaus says:

      All life is conscious. Including plants. That’s why people bless their foods, give thanks before eating.

      To lead a spiritual path we learn there is no judgement. It’s all okay because it all has a role to play in the grand scheme of things. That’s my understanding so far.

      You can keep up with Hale and what he’s teaching by joining the mailing list, sign up on the Sedona website . You can join the discussion forum and Facebook, too. Share and learn with others. Alex

    • Hale Dwoskin says:

      I personally live as a vegetarian however I do not try to impose my preferences on others. All life requires violence to survive. Even plants must die for our bodies to live. It is my experience that it is much more important to think, feel and act non violently in all parts of life including our diets. If we all treated each other and our environment with loving kindness we would have a much happier and healthier world.
      Happy Holidays!

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