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Beyond Enjoyment to Inner Joy

December 26th, 2014 by Hale Dwoskin
Lester Levenson

Lester Levenson

“When you find more joy within yourself than in anything else, then you’re really moving in the right direction. If you find any joy in life, you’re in the wrong direction. Enjoying anything is wrong. Seek joy within. Be joy. There’s nothing needed to enjoy if you are all-joyous. If we are enjoying anything, we are in duality. If I enjoy this, there’s “I” and “this.” If there’s God (Self) alone, there can’t be any “I” and “this.” The basic truth is that you are all joy. Enjoying something will impose an extreme limitation upon your natural state of all-joy. To enjoy something, you’re recognizing something other than you. So, I repeat, we should never enjoy anything. Seek joy only within, and then the natural state of infinite joy is discovered…”

–         Lester Levenson, Happiness Is Free and It’s Easier Than You Think: Book 5 of 5, Session 7

Lester is not saying you should never enjoy anything. He is saying that in order to discover the true source of joy allow yourself bring joy to whatever you experience in life rather than want to or believe that you get joy from it.

Allow yourself to recognize that whatever appears to bring you joy is only giving you a very tiny sample of the infinite light and joy that you are. Would you rather have tiny samples or would you rather have the whole meal? If you would prefer the whole meal, then learn to discover the joy that is already and always right within you before, during and after every external experience.

Every time you let go you are uncovering the joy within you. That is why if feels so great to release.

You can also explore this by asking yourself this simple question whenever you appear to be getting joy from outside of yourself: “Is this the source of my joy or is this joy I am experiencing coming from within me?” Explore this in action as you go through your life and you will quickly discover the ever new joy that you are.



Hale Dwoskin

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