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Desire for the Rest of Mankind

September 24th, 2015 by Hale Dwoskin
Desire for Everyone's Good

Desire for Everyone’s Good

I saw this quote on a wall in Amsterdam while getting ready to teach the retreat we just finished in the Netherlands. It reminded me of one of the key points that we will cover in the Sustainable Success and Abundance course that is starting October 6th.

This sentiment is not only admirable it is very practical!
As you can discover from your own direct experience, when you align your intent with universal intent it is unstoppable! The more you get yourself out of the way the more the whole universe opens up to you.
You discover that you instantly find yourself beyond your personally erected boundaries and barriers to moving forward to great success and joy in life. When you move in the direction of supporting the All you find yourself free to truly live.

Living life at this level of alignment is natural. The limited game we usually play, “me” first and trying to dominate life, results in more chaos (even when things appear to go our way).

When we go with the flow we are effortlessly carried where we need to be and experience that which is for our greatest good and for everyone’s benefit as well.
It also feels better to align with life rather than try and force life to flow in the direction that we would prefer.

All life is love. Love seeks to heal and nurture. Love cooperates. Love celebrates. Love harmonizes. Love conquers all limitation. When you live as this love that you are in life you not only feel the bliss of love, you see it reflecting back to you in all that you perceive.

So please join me on Sustainable Success and Abundance.