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Happiness Is the Truth

February 15th, 2016 by Hale Dwoskin

“Happiness Is the Truth”

These words from the Pharrell Williams song, “Happy,” can point you toward discovering the truth of who or what you are.


We live our lives as though if we could have, be, or do more, then sometime in the future we would be happy. When we live our lives based on this misconception, we obscure what is obvious. Happiness is our basic nature.

As you explore this for yourself, you will discover that when you appear to get happiness from outside yourself, it is just a trick of the mind to keep you looking away from the happiness that is already right here, right now.

You can explore this in two ways. One, simply catch yourself when you are postponing happiness “until” or, two, think of those things you believe you need to have, be, or do in order to be happy. Then follow this simple exploration. “In this moment can I allow myself to give myself the happiness I think I will get from that person, place, or thing directly?” You will discover you can give yourself unlimited happiness now.

Once you start to discover you can give yourself happiness directly, two things happen. You see that you do not need to wait to be happy, because it is just a choice right now. You also discover that it is actually easier to get whatever it is you would like from life if you allow yourself to be happy first—even before you achieve that goal.

As you dig even deeper you will start to discover the reason you can give yourself happiness is because there is no separation between you and happiness itself. You are the happiness you have been seeking from outside of yourself. You can deepen this exploration by asking yourself: “Could I allow myself to fully welcome or rest as the happiness that I am?”

Another great pointer in Pharrell’s song is: “…You feel like a room without a roof…”

When we are truly happy, we feel like there are no limits except the ones that we are imposing on ourselves. We live life from a much more vertical perspective where even the sky is not a limit. You have probably already noticed that whenever you let go, you feel a little or a lot happier. You are letting go of the barriers you have erected in your own consciousness to experiencing and living as happiness, peace, and joy.

As you explore this on your own, you’ll feel like your heart is dancing like the people in the Pharrell video.

This is the type of material we explore in all our retreats and especially The Advanced Retreat coming up in April.

Please join me this April for the Advanced Retreat if you have already attended a 6-, 7-, or 9-Day Sedona Method Retreat so we can deepen our exploration of truth together and support each other in being Freedom itself.


P.S. If you have not yet attended a retreat and/or you are simply ready to make a quantum leap forward in your happiness, peace and joy, please come in June so you will qualify to attend next time we do an Advanced Retreat. You can enroll at

10 Responses to “Happiness Is the Truth”

  1. Olivera says:

    Miglena I too recognise that same pain when my mother passed away and I talked with her for a month after she passed in my dreams! The last day she said that she must go on there and that I had to let her go! We agreed to meet in a special room when ever I needed her! You are not alone! She is with you! Only much healthier and lighter form! To think about the wonderful moments you had together and happiness you shared is what helps to go on! Don’t suppress your feelings but talk about you missing her and cry when you feel like it then it will not be so loaded feeling and much easier to live with! Best wishes!

  2. Eugen says:

    You should know the difference what kind of happiness to use, and be very careful ! Because the LUST is very close – which is real disaster. I am using pouring cold water at myself with love – to get rid of lust. Lust has a million “blessings” too , and has so harmful consequences for me. Be loving but know difference.

    • Alex Viefhaus says:

      Eugen, you’re right. You can learn to let go of lust in the Supercourse.

    • Hale Dwoskin says:

      Lust is an emotion like any other which can be released with ease by simply letting it go. It is not however something to judge yourself for. Everyone experiences it. Love yourself no matter what the feeling and you will not go wrong.

  3. Laureen says:

    Any retreats for beginners?

  4. Miglena Mincheva says:

    Dear Hale,
    In short I am not happy because She died, I mean my mother. Now everything seems obscure to me, the environment has lost its colours. How can I go on living?! I can’t, believe me and it is not a matter of time. It will be until the end of my life, so it is a kind of torture if I express myself correctly. Give me advice , please. Last night I saw her in my dream, she was absolutely alive, walking near me, her wonderful blond hair before my eyes. I asked her “Are you alive Mum” and she without words gave me to know that she was alive.Tell me , please whether it is a kind of real contact with the dead. Please, send me a personal letter, just to me because my situation is very difficult. I can’t overcome my grief to my mother.

    Sincerely yours: Miglena Mincheva

    • Hale Dwoskin says:

      This is a public reply because I think it will many people.
      It is quite natural to feel very strong emotions when loosing someone close. Just remember to support yourself in this transition and to get outside support especially if you are unhappy being here. She would want you to keep living!
      Death is just a transition. Our energetic, emotional body and core tendencies persist after death. It is quite natural if you are open to it to still be able to communicate with the people who have gone forward. Please know that you are not crazy for thinking you are able to communicate with her. As you let go of the grief you will start to feel even more of the love you have for her. She is always in your heart!
      Also, remember you are not betraying her for going on with your life. The guild we feel for outliving our loved ones is completely unfounded and can cause us to punish ourselves for merely still being alive. Please love yourself instead!

  5. Silvia Martos says:

    Always delighted with these messages. thank you A LLLLLLLLLOT.

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