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Healing the Divide and Moving Forward in Love

November 11th, 2016 by Hale Dwoskin
Live as the Light That You Are

Live as the Light That You Are

Many of us were surprised and/or dismayed by the results of the election in the United States. Whether we voted as Democrats or Republicans we need to embrace each others points of view and move forward as One Nation! One of the best ways I know to move forward in harmony is for all of us to let go of the pain and suffering, disappointment and even pride in our hearts and love even those who oppose us or see the world from a different point of view. I will be doing what I can to support us all in this transition. Including but not limited to all of the following:

In order to support the healing process we did two support calls this week which are available for download at the bottom of our current retreat page. .

You can also listen to this clip from the morning call which is a cleanup on the election:

Lastly, I have scheduled two more support calls for next week on 15th of November. If you are not already registered for ongoing free support calls you can register her by visiting this page.

We are stronger together and we are stronger when we let go of whatever darkness we carry in our hearts.

Please share also how you are doing below and how else you believe I may be of service to our healing.




7 Responses to “Healing the Divide and Moving Forward in Love”

  1. Prudence says:

    Thank you Hale. Truly helpful and greatly appreciated. Blessings.

  2. Patti Criscitello says:

    I thought I would be feeling better after a couple days but I’m not. I have a damaged relationship now with members of my own family. I suffer from chronic pain and the pain level is awful. I really thought Hillary would win. I volunteered for her and I blame the FBI James Coney. I really feel I can not support Donald Trump as my president. I love this country with all my heart but not him.

    • Alex Viefhaus says:

      Releasing does not mean you have to start supporting or agreeing with the new leader. Releasing is so that you can support yourself.

  3. Sera says:

    p.s. I just listened to Hale’s “2016 Election Release” tape and wow! Guess who won this time! Letting go is peaceful now.

  4. Sera says:

    It’s amazing how I got caught up in the tug of war with the politics. I am happy for who won, but sad that there are several things that I don’t believe will be handled well with our new president. It was the lesser of two evils. I also feel tension and anxiety and fear from what I hear as I see those who weren’t pleased by the outcome and STILL looking for things and it feels like they’re trying to do something. I heard someone say that politics are not what we should live our lives or feelings around. I want to do that, but I’m getting caught up in it – again!

  5. Keith says:

    Thanks Hale for doing this. Seeing people are having a hard time with this and doing something about it shows true leadership. From the bottom of my heart, thanks for showing up.

  6. Kitty says:

    Thank you, to remember there really is more good being wished for than bully wishes who want control and revenge, it has already started the healing.

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