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Learning How to Deal With Anger Issues

January 21st, 2014 by Hale Dwoskin

Do you find yourself buckling under the weight of your seemingly uncontrollable fits of anger? Are you embarrassed that your outbursts continuously hurt your loved ones, friends, family, and even co-workers when you really didn’t mean to? Have you tried all kinds of anger management classes, techniques, tips, and courses, but without any real or permanent results?

You are not alone!

Millions of us deal with this very issue on a daily basis. Well, take a deep breath, because now you finally have the answer you’ve been searching for. Read on for information about the Method that will change your life, immediately…

The Nature and Causes of Anger

Essentially, from a biological perspective, it’s quite simple:

Stress is everywhere.You feel that stress. Then you feel more stress. Then the pressure becomes so overwhelming that it has to sort of “escape” somehow. Like a kettle blowing off steam when it gets too hot.

But that only brings temporary relief, potentially creating hurtful situations with others, and ultimately leads to, you guessed it, more anger! The truth is, anger is a secondary emotion, and there are emotions BEHIND your anger. Emotions that none of us want to feel, like fear, grief, and apathy. In anger, we feel more “alive” than in these other emotions. So to keep from feeling them, we tend to keep ourselves angry. But there is a better, healthier, and more productive way to get that same sort of quickening, and then some.

The most amazing news, just as there are emotions behind your anger, there are also emotions in FRONT of it! Emotions like courageousness, acceptance, and peace. The Sedona Method will teach you how to quickly and easily transform your unhealthy anger into the ultimate sense of inner peace and calm like you have never imagined possible.

Calm in the Angry Storm

Many anger therapists are now reaching a point where they have to go back to the drawing board. The same is true for anger management classes. The reason is because, while acting out the anger can bring temporary relief, it has limitations on permanent effectiveness. Screaming into a pillow or hitting a pillow with a waffle ball bat can only go so far.

All of the underlying issues and core reasons for your anger are still there, festering under the surface. With the Sedona Method, you can take back your own power, and no longer be a slave to your anger. The results are quick, painless, and permanent.

Best of all, no one else has to suffer, including yourself.


3 Responses to “Learning How to Deal With Anger Issues”

  1. Leo says:

    Hi Hale,
    I have purchased the Sedona Supercourse and completed the listening and doing of the exercises of 20 CDs once already.
    It feels really good and I feel helped already. I plan on keep doing them when commuting to work every day.
    More than any goal I have with that would I would like to get rid of those lower levels of feelings that we store though out the years… On Anger particularly, is there a CD in particular you would recommend to release my stored anger or shall I just keep listening to the Supercourse and restart when over?
    Do you recommend working on some particular situations making the feeling surface or directly on the anger itself?
    Looking forward to your guidance,

    • Alex Viefhaus says:

      Refer to CD 5 of the Supercourse. “All four wants culminate in the nine emotional states: apathy, grief, fear, lust, anger, pride, and the limited parts of courageousness, acceptance, and peace. That’s why AGFLAPCAP appears underneath wanting to control on the diagram.” From the Sedona Book. The diagram is also in the Supercourse manual.

  2. Kate says:

    Ha ! Why remain angry when you dont have to with TSM.
    Dissolve the resistance full stop and move on !

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