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Let Go of Wanting to Understand

by Hale Dwoskin
The Speed of Wanting to Understand

The Speed of Wanting to Understand

“We live in a world where everyone believes that understanding is king. Yet if you allow yourself to check you’ll discover that the more you want to understand something the less you actually understand. In fact, the only reason we want to understand our problems is because we plan to have them again. In this release we discover that as we let go we gain true inner knowingness.

Tip: Allow yourself to start letting go of wanting to figure things out. If you’re hesitant to let go of wanting to figure things out, check to see if you’d rather want to have the answers or actually have them. You will also find that as you let go of wanting to figure things out, true intuitive knowingness reveals itself to you.

The more you lead with your heart and not just your head, the more life takes on a new character that is richer and more alive. You’ll find this helps tremendously with all of these releases.”

The above text is an excerpt from the Sedona Method Release-A-Day program. Please comment below on how this is supporting you and the benefits you are getting from Release-A-Day.

Release-A-Day is a daily audio release on topics ranging from having more money, better relationships and more radiant health and well-being to living love, beyond the limits of mind and discovering and living the Truth of that which you are.

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