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How Long Should Freedom Take?

by Hale Dwoskin
Lester Levenson

Lester Levenson

“How long should it take Infinite Power, Infinite Knowledge, to know that It is infinite?”
– Lester Levenson, Happiness Is Free and It’s Easier Than You Think, Session 6

This question is both rhetorical and an invitation to dive deeply into the truth of that which you are already now. Lester used to use questions like this to insight us to stop postponing our Ultimate Freedom. Notice too, how Lester is not referring to you as a person but you as the Infinite Beingness. You can use this question to both spur yourself on and as a self-inquiry question to notice that beauty and richness that you are. Ponder this question and notice what it opens up within you. – Hale Dwoskin

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