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Love Yourself: Why Most People Don’t Practice Self-Congratulation Enough

February 4th, 2014 by Hale Dwoskin

When is the last time you gave yourself a pat on the back, or rewarded yourself just for being you? Chances are it’s been awhile. Yet, sadly, you have probably criticized yourself in some way or another multiple times today. For instance, one ABC News article reported that 35 percent of women have negative thoughts about their body up to five times a day. Yet, how many times have you thought positive things about your appearance, personality or accomplishments? Not enough to count?

Perhaps you are also the person who is the first one to compliment others and give those around you a boost — except when it comes to yourself. If you find that you rarely give yourself the praise you deserve, it may be because:

  • You have low self-esteem
  • You feel guilty doing so
  • You feel you should only focus on others
  • You have trouble recognizing your accomplishments

Yet, just as you respond to others need to be recognized, you, too, deserve to feel special. You need to love yourself.

Getting some well-deserved recognition is actually a very primal need. Dopamine, a neurotransmitter produced in your brain, makes you feel pleasure, pride, contentment and a host of other good things. And it’s released when you receive recognition. On the other hand, when you’re expecting praise but don’t receive it, dopamine levels drop, leading to feelings of frustration, anger and anxiety.

But you don’t have to wait to get recognition from somebody else. You can give it to yourself.


Well,  it’s natural once you achieve a lasting, positive mindset.

It is not the actual singing of your own praises that improves your self esteem and well-being, it is the mindset that allows you to do that — that produces the positive result. In other words, the better you feel about yourself the more likely you will be to give yourself credit when you deserve it.

Learning to Love Yourself:

Getting the mindset that allows you to love yourself unconditionally is not hard when you learn The Sedona Method. This is a simple tool that has helped hundreds of thousands of people to value who they are right now.

It works by teaching you how to let go of the guilt, negativity and belittling feelings that are keeping you from feeling great about yourself.

The simplest way to improve your feelings of self-worth and well-being is to let go of all your thoughts and feelings to the contrary. As you do this you naturally feel more confident, relaxed and open. This may or may not produce the result of you taking the action of tooting your own horn, but either way you will feel better.


7 Responses to “Love Yourself: Why Most People Don’t Practice Self-Congratulation Enough”

  1. Annie says:

    this is the best thing i hav ever done
    there is no limit and i am so gretefull for lester hale larry and all the people who contribute to this
    love you all myself included

  2. Ruth says:

    I have read The Sedona Method and Happiness Is Easier Than You Think. They have helped me so much through the years, I use it without even thinking about it now.
    Thanks so much. Amazing how such few words can help a person.

  3. Donna says:

    These posts are so helpful. It is always such a relief and joy to let go of the whatever-of-the-moment and I’ll happily accept every reminder to do so until it’s as automatic as breathing. As I read your words I am reminded of the beautiful energy that shines through your eyes, through your words and all around you when I watch you on the welcoming video. Thank you so much!

  4. The Sedona Method has been the best thing that has ever happened to me! I love it and use it to keep me positive and healthy! I breathe in when I ask myself
    COULD I LET IT GO? WOULD I LET IT GO? And breathe out when I ask WHEN? It always works! Love it! Thank you Hale!


  5. Helene Vargelis says:

    I need the words on “how to love myself” and be strong no matter what terrible challenges I face now and in the future. Need to have coping skills that work.

    Please help me. Thanks

  6. Geraldine says:

    Thank you very much dear Hale for this so beautiful post ! Love and blessings

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