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You Are Love

by Hale Dwoskin
Geese In Love

Geese In Love

“Love is our basic nature yet most of us look for it in all the wrong places. In this release you will begin to dissolve the habit of looking for love where it isn’t and instead find love where it is.

Tip: When you find yourself looking for love outside yourself, allow yourself to give love instead. You do not necessarily need to modify your external behavior. Start by shifting your attitude and allow any external changes to happen organically.

Remember to have fun with this and allow it to be a natural exploration. The more you give love the more you recognize that the love you are seeking is actually shining in plain view right within you.”

Also, as recognize you are love. Your desire to get love will start to drop away and instead you will become a beacon of love and joy.

The above text is an excerpt from the Sedona Method Release-A-Day program. Please comment below on how this is supporting you and the benefits you are getting from Release-A-Day.

Release-A-Day is a daily audio release on topics ranging from having more money, better relationships and more radiant health and well-being to living love, beyond the limits of mind and discovering and living the Truth of that which you are.

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