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Opening to Higher Power

October 10th, 2015 by Hale Dwoskin

Am I willing to recognize that there is a higher power acting through me?

Nature Lives by Higher Power

Nature Lives by Higher Power

When we try to impose our will on the world we often ignore what is actually required in this moment. As we learn to cooperate with our higher selves or with the One, we open to the true unlimited potential and power that is our natural state. This has absolutely nothing to do with imposing our will on the world or on others. It has everything to do with opening to the power that is the way and allowing it to flow through you.

The more you are willing to surrender to higher power the more successful you are on every level. This breeds great humility. As you recognize you are not the doer it becomes difficult to take credit for anything, and you allow higher power to act through you.

As you discover the truth of the Bible adage, “It is not I but the Father who worketh through me,” you take less credit for what you accomplish and blame yourself less for your apparent mistakes. By the way, this doesn’t mean you blame God. It means that you move beyond the belief in right and wrong and beyond beating yourself up for your indiscretions.

One way to get to yes on this question is to do your best to be open at least to the possibility that you are not the doer. The more you explore this the more it becomes your living experience.

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