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Dissolving the Memories of Pain and Pleasure

by Hale Dwoskin
Beyond Pain and Pleasure

Beyond Pain and Pleasure

“When you dissolve the memories of the past, even the pleasurable ones, you create the space to experience the wonder that life has to offer now. You also dissolve the patterns that cause you to repeat destructive behavior and undesirable ways of thinking. You free yourself from the overarching pattern of blindly seeking pleasure and avoiding pain. As you free yourself from the pleasure/pain cycle your life becomes more filled with the joy from no external cause.

Tip: Allow yourself to notice how you are avoiding pain and seeking pleasure in your life. As you start to watch this pattern you gain freedom from the pattern simply in watching it. It helps you to not be as lost in the pattern as you once were.

Once you allow yourself to watch this pattern even just a little you are ready to go deeper.  Notice, often when we avoid pain we are pulling it towards us, and when we seek pleasure it often slips away or does not last. Also notice that right here, right now there is something that is already free of pain and pleasure. This Beingness or Isness is the source of uncaused joy and peace. Give this your focus more and more, and watch true healthy happiness fill your life with ease.”

The above text is an excerpt from the Sedona Method Release-A-Day program. Please comment below on how this is supporting you and the benefits you are getting from Release-A-Day.

Release-A-Day is a daily audio release on topics ranging from having more money, better relationships and more radiant health and well-being to living love, beyond the limits of mind and discovering and living the Truth of that which you are.

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