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Relationship Red Flags

by Hale Dwoskin

In the beginning, most relationships feel like love at first sight. Everything is new and exciting, and suddenly even the birds chirping sound as though they’re doing it just for you. Clearly, a new love can easily make everything seem right in the world.

Yet, during this infatuation phase of the relationship, you may want things to be so perfect, so badly, that it’s easy to overlook some potential red flags.

With any relationship remember that if it is not mutual and harmless it is not correct. Many times out of a feeling of fear or scarcity we hold onto it rather than be alone again.

Keep in mind, too, that if something doesn’t seem right now (during the new relationship phase when everyone tries to put their best foot forward), it will not get better as time goes on. So what are some red flags that your new relationship may not be all it’s cracked up to be?

Relationship Red Flags – #1: You regularly feel drained, sad, angry or empty after spending time with the person.

Relationship Red Flags – #2: You feel you can’t be yourself in their presence.

Relationship Red Flags – #3: The person breaks promises and/or dates with you regularly.

Relationship Red Flags – #4: You have conflicting ideas about major life issues like marriage, children, religion, neatness, finances, etc.

Relationship Red Flags – #5: You have trouble communicating openly, and argue over frequent misunderstandings.

Relationship Red Flags – #6: Any type of physical violence or verbal abuse.

Relationship Red Flags – #7: The person is extremely jealous or controlling.

Relationship Red Flags – #8: The person is chronically late or displays other signs of disrespect.

Relationship Red Flags – #9: The person is still obviously hanging on to their ex.

Relationship Red Flags – #10: You routinely catch the person lying.

If you’ve noticed a few red flags, but you’re not ready to give up on the relationship just yet, let go of your concerns
using The Sedona Method.

If you are not looking forward to being with your partner, you have lost trust in them, or you find yourself waiting for them to mess up again, allow yourself to release on the feelings that this brings up into your awareness.

If these feelings persist even after you have released then it is probably better to move on. The right person is there for you if you are open to them, and Mr. or Ms. Here Now is not always Mr. or Ms. Right.