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Release-A-Day Gains

February 24th, 2015 by Hale Dwoskin

I received the gains below about our new Release-A-Day program. Enjoy.

Tabitha a happy Release-A-Day participant

Tabitha a happy Release-A-Day participant

“I have listened to my first release in your new Release-A-Day program already, and this one alone was worth the $25!

I feel better now about something that happened 30 years ago, something that caused me feelings of hurt all those years.

Now the only thing I constantly hear in my mind, after the release of today, is “it’s just a memory.” It has put everything in perspective, in just fifteen minutes of paying attention to today’s release!

If this is what happens with just ONE release-session, I can hardly wait for the next 364 to come. I’ve promised myself that 2015 will be MY year of transformation, my return to BEING who I really am. And your work is making it so much easier to make that promise come true!

Thank you. Your work helps me a lot to bring the True Sunshine of who I really am back into my life!”
Kind regards,
Tabitha Wasbauer
* * *
Hale, I am just tickled by Tabitha’s comment and those from others who are using our brand-new Release-A-Day program. The possibilities are limitless.
If you haven’t started it yet, please do so today. Your first release is just a minute or two away.

P.S. – Here are more gains and I would love to hear from you too!

“Hi Hale and Sedona team! I wanted to let you know that I LOVE the Release-A-Day!!! It’s exactly what I’ve been wanting. Something NEW every day, that’s the best part. It’s easy and fun and right there on my smart phone!!
I’ve found it easier to release when I’m following along with Hale, but I’ve noticed myself releasing more naturally during the day, too.
Thank you so much and thank you for keeping the cost low.”
Much love, Leslie
* * *
“Hale, this has been one of the most transformative programs I have done with Sedona…. Amazing how it keeps me in release all day long! I appreciate this more than I can say, and know my life will be transformed over the course of the year.”
Gratitude, Cindy

Sign up for your Release-A-Day program today and joyously watch every part of your life transform with ease.

More Love, Hale