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Releasing to Abundance

by Hale Dwoskin
Nature's Abundance

Nature’s Abundance

“Abundance is something we naturally need and want, but we often tend to sabotage our efforts to create this abundance with our own expectations and limitations. When you examine your expectations of abundance you free yourself to uncover and live the abundance that is right within and around you all the time. This enables you to have, be, and do more of what you choose in life.

Tip: Allow yourself to start letting go of your pictures of abundance. This may seem counterintuitive because you are often encouraged to visualize what you want in order to have it. Of course, this is a valid tool. However, we usually try to visualize abundance on top of our beliefs and pictures of how it should look and feel and our beliefs of why we can’t or shouldn’t have it or do not deserve it. So we try to create what we want on a very shaky foundation.

If you are willing to let go of these pictures you will find that the power that is the way will start fulfilling your needs and desires in a much fuller and richer way. You will start acting in ways that are truly helpful in creating lasting abundance.”

The above text is an excerpt from the Sedona Method Release-A-Day program. Please comment below on how this is supporting you and the benefits you are getting from Release-A-Day.

Release-A-Day is a daily audio release on topics ranging from having more money, better relationships and more radiant health and well-being to living love, beyond the limits of mind and discovering and living the Truth of that which you are.

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