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How to Stop Feeling Like Everything is a Battle You Need to Win

August 5th, 2014 by Hale Dwoskin

Do you feel like each day in your life is comparable to a fight in a boxing ring? You may mentally spar with your cubicle-mate, trying to one-up his or her suggestions and ultimately win a promotion.

Or you frequently have an urge to go faster than every other car on the highway, and can’t stand being behind anyone while on the road? Even while at home you might challenge your significant other to get your way on everything from what to eat for dinner to where to take your next vacation. In other words, you want to win at everything, almost at any cost.

While a competitive edge is usually something attributed to men, women can also be concerned with winning, as can people from all walks of life. In general, America is a society where winning is highly valued. Just think about the number of verbal and physical outbursts that occur between parents at high school (and even younger aged) sports events!

People who are the most likely to feel like life is a battle are those who have been brought up to believe in this lie, no matter what their walk of life or career.

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Why the Winning is Everything Mentality is Risky

Clearly, there is nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition. Where the problem comes in is in viewing your entire life like a battle — one that you must constantly struggle to win. This mentality surrounds you in a negative sea of emotions, from chronic stress to anxiety to greed, when none need exist.

This is because, in reality, winning is certainly not everything. Most truly successful people have only become that way after a failure, and usually a string of them. Embracing failure is, quite often, a key trait of respected leaders.

Further, those who measure themselves based on comparison and others’ opinions of them — rather than looking inside for their own yard stick of self-measurement — tend to get more lost in competition.

In other words, those who get caught up in competition are often so worried about where they stand on the corporate ladder and keeping up with the Joneses, that they easily overlook what it is they themselves truly desire, along with what they need to truly feel happy.

How to Start Embracing Life in Peace

When you learn to release the belief that life is a battle, it paves the way for a much happier result: everyone can win. You needn’t look at life as a battle because no one has to lose. Further, one only has to look at the beauty of nature or the smile of a child to realize that most great things in life don’t require winning at all.

Life is not a battle unless you make it so. When you focus on win/win, as opposed to win/lose, you find that everyone comes out on top. The more you allow yourself to do your best and be open to others winning as well, the more you’ll find new levels of cooperation and success.

Meanwhile, you can stay focused on the task at hand — instead of constantly comparing your performance to others. This all leads to you feeling a lot more secure and effective because you are able to stop judging yourself unfairly based on your level of success.

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Once free of this negative energy, including the feeling to always compete, you will be able to embrace the notion that everyone can be a success, and you will likely feel a sense of relief, contentment and peace that you may never have experienced before.