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Stop Shoulding on Yourself

August 31st, 2016 by Hale Dwoskin
Join Me in Sedona

Join Me in Sedona

Most of us have long lists of things we think we should or should not be doing. When we “should” on ourselves in this way it generates resistance, making it harder to accomplish what we choose and refrain from things we want to avoid.

In this new Peer to Peer Release video below we explore how we can help ourselves, and those we care about, to stop “shoulding” on ourselves and free ourselves to have, be, and do whatever we choose with greater ease, power, and joy.

Questions to use with yourself and with your partner:
1. Could you welcome a way you are “shoulding” on yourself in your life?
2. Could you let go of “shoulding” on yourself as best you can?
3. Could you allow yourself to be open to doing or not doing whatever that is and knowing all is okay either way?

If you would like to gain even more benefit from releasing with others join me on the Peer to Peer Releasing Retreat in Sedona this October.

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Stop Shoulding on Yourself Video

5 Responses to “Stop Shoulding on Yourself”

  1. Thank you for always being so wonderfully loving and invitational. I listen to your home study course all the time and in my car. This year I’m planning to come to your live seminar in December. I can hardly wait to be with you in person. <3

  2. Serene ABOULJEBINE says:

    this is a SHOULD!!!!! <3

  3. Susan Bennett says:

    Thank you very much! I am sharing this with non-Sedona friends because I should. LOL. Love to you. xo

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