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You Are Enough

by Hale Dwoskin
Completion in Nature

Completion in Nature

“Most of us feel a sense of incompleteness no matter how much we have or accomplish in life. Yet we usually miss the fact that external accomplishment and accumulation has yet to make anyone actually feel whole and complete. Wholeness and completeness are characteristics of our natural state which is under all the layers of need and want. This release will help you peel the sense of incompletion away until you can discover this for yourself.

Tip: Allow yourself to notice how much you are trying to find completeness outside of yourself, and do your best to let go of wanting to look away from your natural inner completeness in order to find completeness outside of yourself. You can ask yourself this simple question to help with this exploration: “When is enough, enough?”

The above text is an excerpt from the Sedona Method Release-A-Day program. Please comment below on how this is supporting you and the benefits you are getting from Release-A-Day.

Release-A-Day is a daily audio release on topics ranging from having more money, better relationships and more radiant health and well-being to living love, beyond the limits of mind and discovering and living the Truth of that which you are.