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What Is Beyond

February 3rd, 2016 by Hale Dwoskin
Opening to Light

Opening to Light

We live in a world of our own imagination.

We believe that we are a body in a world that is separate and hostile to us.

We have forgotten that all we experience is as real as the dreams we had last night. And just like in last night’s dreams, the everyday world and everyone living in it are contained in our own consciousness.

If we are interested in being fully alive as opposed to living in the waking dream, it is important to discover that all we experience is merely the surface of the mind. And for most of us, the surface of our minds are quite turbulent with trial and tribulation — even when things appear to be going our way.

A great way to discover that we are not as limited to or bound by this dream as we appear to be is to inquire into its nature. A great question to use for this is simply, “What is beyond?

This question is not only helpful in our awakening from limitation, it is also very helpful in everyday life. Often we take our daily challenges and limiting beliefs about ourselves and what is possible for us at face value. Yet if we simply inquire what is beyond that which is appearing in this moment, our illusions begin to melt in the light of awareness. This helps us to deal with whatever challenge we are facing in this moment with greater ease and clarity.

The question of, “What is beyond?” is also a very powerful contemplation or meditation. It can help you to see through whatever limitation you appear to be experiencing in this moment and see to the living truth that is always right beyond it.

The more you inquire the more you discover all that appeared so real and solid is only an appearance. The One Reality begins to shine through into your waking consciousness.

Explore this question for yourself and discover its power to free you on every level.

This is the type of material we explore in all our retreats, and especially on the Advanced Retreat we are having this April.

The Advanced Retreat is designed to help you uncover and live that presence of awareness or Beingness that is your basic nature. It is open to anyone who has already attended a 6-, 7- or 9-Day Sedona Method Retreat.

I hope you will join me and the wonderful group of likeminded people in taking this powerful next step in your liberation.



P.S. If you have not yet attended a retreat please come in June so that you will qualify to attend next time we do an Advanced Retreat. You can enroll at