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Is There a World and Truth?

by Hale Dwoskin
Lester Levenson

Lester Levenson

“What is the difference between the divine and the worldly, the spiritual and the material? Is there a difference? Is there a difference between being spiritual and being in the world? There is a tendency for us to separate the two. That is a gross error. There is no difference between the spiritual and the material when we look at it from the viewpoint of truth…”

–         Happiness Is Free and It’s Easier Than You Think Book 4 of 5, Session 4

The mind is an instrument of separation. It is constantly separating us from our true nature by having us look outside of ourselves for the answer. We are whatever we are seeking from the world.

We also believe that the world is separate from us – separate from our true nature and somehow and hindrance to experience the Truth. As long as we believe this we make it so. You can find out from your own direct experience that the world is appearing in or on you and is no way separate from that which you are.

Right now, allow yourself to explore this question: “Can I actually find where the world ends and I begin or where I end and the world begins?” If you ponder this deeply you will experience directly the unity of all that is.



Hale Dwoskin

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