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The New Goals Course

12-Session Releasing Series

Release along with me for a great way to be a lot more effective at achieving goals

This 12-session course will help you discover that when you allow yourself to release on your goals, you find that your whole attitude towards creation changes and you are much more likely to manifest abundance in every part of your life. This program will also include the new way of releasing from or as Freedom called The Free Way.

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One of the most powerful applications of The Sedona Method is for achieving goals. Yet when it comes to goals, we often try to affect our world by ignoring our inner state and simply moving the external pieces around and hoping for the best.

Objectives that are unfulfilled are constantly pulling at your consciousness and making you feel agitated, frustrated, or simply unhappy with your life.

In January we will be getting together over the phone or internet for six days to uncover our core ambitions beyond what we think we should want or have.

You can use this exploration to dissolve your inner barriers to being fully alive, radiantly healthy, and blissfully happy as your true authentic Self!

We will not only explore the tried and true processes for creating through releasing, we will explore some of the newest and most cutting-edge ways of having it all.

In this brand-new releasing series, you will be going for what you actually want now, which is a much more empowered, clear, and natural way to approach your goals.

And don’t worry if you cannot make it to all of the live sessions. We will have recordings for you, and they will be every bit as effective.

The New Goals Course Releasing Series
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January 20 through 25, 2020; Noon and 6 pm Pacific Time

We will cover...

What Do You Really Want?

When it comes to goals one of the places we often get into trouble is that we are not actually pursuing our goals. We are pursuing what we think we should want or what other people have wanted for us. When you allow yourself to honestly and directly look into your heart and you let go fully you can discover what you actually want now. Going for what you actually want now is a much more empowered, clear, and natural place to approach your goals from and it produces much more effective and effortless results.

Focusing Your Intent

Once we know what we really would like to pursue the next step is expressing it in a clear and concise way that makes the heart and mind sing together in harmony. This powerful cooperation between head and heart is easy when you have your goals clearly expressed in words that focus the goal in a way that you can really get behind 100%.

Getting into Action

When we allow ourselves to take action towards goals it helps bring them into fruition. Action also helps you to dissolve the inner obstacles that appear to be blocking forward momentum. When you step out into life and start interacting with it you are shown your blind spots and misconceptions. As you release these you become more effective in acting from strength, grace, and ease. This makes achieving what you desire even more effortless and fun.

The Power of Love and Acceptance

Often, we feel we need to be dissatisfied with what we have or we won’t have the motivation to go for what we want. Of course, to some degree this is true. However, when you let go and allow yourself to love and accept what is as it is, it actually clears the runway for opening to unlimited possibility. Also, when you feel affectionately aware of what is, as it is a healing balm to your whole body/mind, it pulls you in the direction of moving beyond all limitation.

Creating Holistically

When we are working on goals most of us focus on what we want to create and try to overcome, reject or ignore what we are wanting to change. This may appear to work for a time but there is always a price to pay in our world, in our bodies, and within the disturbance this creates in our own minds. As you allow yourself to embrace your goals, and where you are at, you find that they merge into each other freeing you to accomplish your intent with power and grace.

You Are Limitless

We all have general beliefs that hold us back from pursuing and achieving our worthy intentions. By honestly examining what you actually believe you can go beyond belief to direct experience and true self-actualization. You are only limited by what you believe limits you. At your core you have absolutely no limits. If you allow yourself to approach achievement from this perspective there literally is nothing that is impossible. You discover from your own direct experience the “impossible” becoming completely possible and available to you with ease and joy.

We will also explore one of the most common beliefs that people who are pursuing truth run into around goals, which is that we think goals are not spiritual or are a distraction for pursuing what is most important. Yet, if you are honest with yourself you will probably realize that, even if you are aware that some of your goals will not make you happy or even give you what you really want, you still desire them. And Lester Levenson also said, “Take what you want from the world but take the best.”

Everything You Experience is a Product of the Mind

As we examine what is really true in our experience, we often notice a pattern that our world reflects our consciousness. Whenever you really let go about a topic often it is not just your attitude that changes, the world also changes to reflect your newfound inner liberty back to you with tangible external changes. Could this be because everything that we experience is already contained in mind? Let’s find out together!

The Inner Thank You

Effortless creation is facilitated by a feeling of gratitude for that which is already in our experience. The more we inwardly feel thankful for what we already have and are already experiencing the more we open the floodgates of unlimited energy for further manifestation. Gratitude not only empowers your goals, it also frees you to enjoy what you already have and to share with an open heart and mind.

There is Unlimited Power

When we are clear and aligned with our goals we tap a well of unlimited power which can literally move mountains and redirect the river of life. Our power to create actually has no limits except the ones that we allow to be imposed. When you remove these superimpositions, you find that the logjams that are blocking your power dissolve, allowing your unlimited energy to flow and flourish.

Open Yourself to Clear Reason and Intuitive Knowingness

Clear reason and intuitive knowingness come directly from your core and are always available to you to support you in your worthy pursuits. When you are fully aligned with your inner knowingness you naturally find that the apparent barriers you perceive are blocking you from success are actually merely imagined. As you stop imagining obstacles they often simply disappear out of your mind and your world.

It’s Not Up to You

When we work on goals in action, we often can get lost in believing, “If I don’t get it done no one else will.” This may seem true, however, when we step back and stop pushing we can allow action to unfold naturally. The more you simply let go and be your true Self, you can see clearly that you are not the doer. Action is merely and natural part of the expression of the one life. This removes all burdens and enable that natural unfoldment of creation.

Pursuing the Ultimate Goal

As we allow ourselves to truly have what we want in life we can discover that there is something beyond any goal we have pursued that opens us to a world that is beyond anything that we could possibly imagine. This allows us to rediscover and live our True nature which can be called effortless, choiceless, pure awareness. As you open to this, many goals simply fall away and others seem to take care of themselves and you are imperturbable either way. Life is then a continuous celebration of that which we all are.


The Free Way

This program will also include the new way of releasing from or as Freedom called The Free Way.

As you have probably heard, and even felt many times, you are already the Freedom you are seeking.

As you simply allow yourself to perceive whatever appears to be limiting “you” from the perspective of that which has never been limited, all else dissolves revealing profound peace, light, love, and clarity.

As you see it from this perspective it becomes harder and harder to hold onto what just a moment ago may have seemed an unsolvable issue or an un-releasable limitation.

Releasing from Freedom also profoundly shifts the way you perceive and experience all that appears. As you keep releasing from this perspective you discover that there is no such thing as an enlightened person. There is enlightenment perceiving the appearance of the personal.