Events with Hale Dwoskin and Sedona Method Certified Instructors

June 2019 Retreat
Bellingham, Washington

Our 6-Day Retreats are designed to help you to dive deeply in the limitless beauty, love, and peace that you are. You will learn tools, perspectives and techniques to continue to transform every part of your life from now on.

The breakthrough that happened at the Advanced Retreat has continued to open and deepen for everyone involved. Because of this we are planning to incorporate releasing from or as Freedom into the June Retreat in Bellingham, Washington. We will be going even deeper into the place of seeing our bodies, minds, and world from the perspective of that which never changes. You find yourself more at ease and at home being exactly as you are in this moment. As you see without the filter of a limited individual, “your” apparent problems appear to simply dissolve revealing ease, grace, and tranquility.

This new process is easy to use and incredibly powerful on every level. It also causes spontaneous laughter, peace, love and joy. It will open you to living as the natural state of Beingness.

The Free Way

As you have probably heard, and even felt many times, you are already the Freedom you are seeking.

As you simply allow yourself to perceive whatever appears to be limiting “you” from the perspective of that which has never been limited all else dissolves revealing profound peace, light, love, and clarity.

As you see it from this perspective it becomes harder and harder to hold onto what just a moment ago may have seemed an unsolvable issue or an un-releasable limitation.

Releasing from Freedom also profoundly shifts the way you perceive and experience all that appears. As you keep releasing from this perspective you discover that there is no such thing as an enlightened person. There is enlightenment perceiving the appearance of the personal.

So, if you are ready to breakthrough on every level to a totally new way of being, join us on this June Retreat.

I look forward to being with you in Bellingham!



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