The Sedona Method Retreat - Beyond the Story

Bellingham, Washington and via Live Video Broadcast
October 1 through 6, 2023

We live in a world where stories can bind, and stories can set us free. Stories are merely a combination of memories and beliefs based on what apparently happened to “me.”

On this retreat, as you explore your stories and let go of the ones that no longer serve you there can be a profound discovery of that which needs no story to be. As you review and release your stories what is left is just authentic, spontaneous, and boundless life itself.

Sedona Method retreats are designed to help you to dive deeply in the limitless beauty, love, and peace that you are. You will explore what is beyond the cycle of striving, fixing, and suffering to discover how to live life as it truly is; unbound, ever-free, and overflowing with a natural abundance, liberation, and joy.

You will learn tools, perspectives, and techniques to continue to transform every part of your life on an ongoing basis, including a powerful in-depth exploration of the most advanced forms of the Sedona Method; the Fifth Way, Free Way, and No Way.

Whether you are new to the Sedona Method or have been releasing for decades, you will find that attending a retreat is like an exquisite spiritual balm for body, mind, and soul. It will help you to shed even deeply held limitations and holdbacks and free you to open to the wide expanse of presence and clarity that is always right within you. And, it will support the recognition of that which is beyond all limitation including the limitation of believing in a separate you.

The retreat will help you to let go of all that appears to be holding you back from realizing all your dreams and desires.

So, if you are ready to breakthrough on every level to a totally new way of being, join us on this upcoming Retreat.

I look forward to being with you!