Practical Freedom

Unleash Your Power to Have it All

This audio set is designed through the application of Holistic Releasing to help you to rediscover the freedom to have be or do whatever you choose as an alive and practical part of your everyday life.

Holistic releasing is a technique in which you release back and forth between two different polarities or opposites. As you apply Holistic Releasing to your life you will find that even long-standing challenges dissolve and are replaced by a greater sense of mastery.

Practical Freedom will help to free you to perform at your best in all situations and live life with greater ease and clarity.

Includes exercises on The Inner Stretch for dissolving self-imposed walls of inner limitation. The Wealth Builder releases limiting thoughts attitudes and beliefs that hold wealth and abundance away. Your Ideal Relationship for letting go of the biggest inner obstacles to having loving supportive relationships built on mutual trust and understanding, and High Self-Esteem helps you build the self-confidence to be able to look anyone in the eye as their equal and realize your dreams with ease and purpose.

Free bonus recordings include Looking Great and Getting Into Action.