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Press Release
and Media Kit

Press Release

Download: MS Word - Press Release

Hale Dwoskin Bio

Download: MS Word - Hale Dwoskin Bio

Frequently Asked Questions

Download: MS Word - FAQ - Letting Go

Hale's Story

Excerpted from The Sedona Method: Your Key to Lasting Happiness, Success, Peace and Emotional Well-being,

Sedona Press September 2003. Download: MS Word - Hale's Story

Image Downloads

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Low Res - Hale Dwoskin Headshot Low Res - DVD Case & DVD Hi Res - DVD Case

Hale Dwoskin Headshot 2
Hale Dwoskin Head Shot

Video Trailers

You Can Have It All - Youtube:

You Are Love - Youtube:

Solution for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - Youtube:

Beyond The Push - Youtube:

Anyone Can Do This - Youtube:

The Invitation Here - Youtube:

Are You Ready To Wake Up? - Youtube:

Could You? Would You? When? - Youtube:

What's Holding You Back - Youtube:

Are You A Human Doing? - Youtube:

It Changed Their Lives - Youtube:

Are You Ready To Accept The Invitation - Youtube:

Blinded By Familiarity - Youtube:

Your Relationships Will Never Be The Same Again - Youtube:

It's Time To Drop Your Excess Baggage - Youtube:

Life Is Like A River - Youtube:

Turn Dis-ease Into Health - Youtube:

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