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The Sedona Method Workbook

The Sedona Method Course Workbook is a companion to The Sedona Method audio course. It provides releases, thought-provoking questions, and exercises designed to reinforce the course information and enhance the learning experience of the listener. The workbook exercises can be done alone or with a partner.

The workbook is divided into five sections, each section covers one of the courses in The Sedona Method and is likewise entitled as such. There is an additional fifth section at the end of the workbook which contains suggestions and resources for ongoing support and information on other products retreats and seminars.

The sections are:
  • Section 1 - The Sedona Method Course
  • Section 2 - Effortless Wealth and Success
  • Section 3 - Effortless Relationships
  • Section 4 - Effortless Health and Well-being

Each Section above is then broken out into what can be described as chapters. The chapters themselves are set up to correspond with each audio set within each of the courses and are entitled the same. Each chapter contains releases and exercises that reinforce the information being taught on the corresponding audio set.

Examples of some of what you can expect to find are:
  • Basic Releasing Questions (Audio Set 1)
  • A chart of emotions (Audio Set 3)
  • Three Releases on Resistance to Do on Your Own or with a Partner (Audio Set 4)
  • On Becoming Hootless (Audio Set 7)
  • Letting Go of Wanting to Be Right (Audio Set 10)


The Sedona Method Workbook (Dwoskin)
Workbook Contents
Section 1: The Sedona Method Course
Section 2: Effortless Wealth and Success
Section 3: Effortless Relationships
Section 4: Effortless Health and Well-Being
Section 5:Completion of The Sedona Method
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