About The Sedona Method

Transforming Minds – Transforming Lives Worldwide through The Sedona Method and the Holistic Releasing Process. Our mission is to support you in alleviating your physical and emotional suffering and liberating your natural inner freedom to have, be and do whatever your heart desires. We support individuals and organizations in achieving balance, success, wellness, strength, effectiveness, happiness and well-being.

Our programs will produce results for you.

  • Create financial security
  • Improve your health
  • Have greater joy and fun in life
  • Gain real freedom from emotional pain
  • Tap the source of unlimited energy
  • Support for recovery from addictions
  • Make sound decisions
  • Eliminate stress at its source
  • And anything else you want out of life!

In addition to the general public, hundreds of key executives from some of the leading companies in the US have taken The Sedona Method Course. These companies include Exxon, AT&T, Merrill Lynch, J.C. Penney, Marriott Hotels, FAA, Bristol Myers, Chemical Bank, Chase Manhattan Bank, Polaroid, Bull, Lever Brothers, Monsanto, Touche Ross, and Mutual of New York.

It is our goal and mission to help people all over the world to free themselves of limiting thoughts, feelings and behaviors so they can live the lives they want—having, being and doing whatever their heart desires and thereby achieving their full potential.

"I have experienced relief on several issues like migraines, hate, and “seeking rest.” I felt I could release the ideas I had about these issues. I love the method of having released my beliefs."
Ria Willemstein

Sedona Method - Proven Results

During its history, The Sedona Method has proven itself to be a powerful and effective tool for both individual and corporate effectiveness and wellness. Several independent studies have confirmed its usefulness. Mutual of New York Corporation used The Sedona Method to boost the sales of their field underwriters 33% over a six-month period. The second three months were even better than the first three months and their results continued to increase over time. Additionally, researchers who investigated The Sedona Method have found that it "stands out far beyond the rest for its simplicity, efficiency, absence of questionable concepts and rapidity of observable results."

These studies also reveal that individuals using The Sedona Method show significant reduction in heart rate and diastolic blood pressure. With respect to short versus long-term gain, the overall findings suggest that The Sedona Method is effective in promoting and maintaining stress reduction many months after the training.

Speaking engagements and group training

My trainers or I would be happy to create a customized training for your group or organization . Or check out the Sedona Method events page to find a seminar near you.

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You can contact us about our public and organizational programs, as well as our books and audio courses, by calling our corporate headquarters toll-free at 888-282-5656 (USA & Canada) or 952-767-9822. You can also email us at mail@sedona.com.

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