Events with Hale Dwoskin and Sedona Method Certified Instructors

Upcoming Events

The Sedona Method Fall Retreat
Live Video by Hale Dwoskin
Dates: October 2024
Location: Live Video via Zoom

The Sedona Method Holiday Retreat
Live Video by Hale Dwoskin
Dates: December 28, 2024 through January 3, 2025
Location: Live Video via Zoom


"The Sedona Method Retreat is not like any other. Drop all your expectations of having epiphanies, or being entertained. Do not expect to put any teachers on pedestals, or learn any method to do or accomplish anything. However, if what you truly want is freedom from your suffering and or to see through the illusions that cause you the most confusion and difficulty, I know of no other that is pointing so directly, compassionately, and consistently at the love and oneness of all that is."
-- Leah Pearlman

"Every area of my life (financially, romantically, and career) has greatly improved due to the tools I've gained from the Sedona Method. I am more joy-filled than I have been as well. The tools I received through these retreats have changed my life so profoundly and widely that I recommend this to all my friends and family."
-- Laurie Branden