Mastering the Greatest Secret

Lester Levenson and Hale Dwoskin, along with a group of other wonderful teachers, are featured in Rhonda Byrnes’s book The Greatest Secret, which points to ways we can all have greater happiness, abundance, and peace of mind through discovering our true nature. The Mastering the Greatest Secret program will help you realize, unlock, and live the truths that Rhonda's book reveals.

Looking at our lives, it is easy to imagine that what we are is a limited person locked into a mortal struggle to keep our bodies alive and our lives from falling off the rails. However, in every experience there is something much more basic and natural that you can discover in any moment. Each time you make this discovery it feels like you have been set free from all sorts of burdens that you may not have even been aware you were carrying.

Much of what is in this new book is based around what we have already been teaching in our retreats and more advanced courses for some time. In this series, we explore this material in a focused and in-depth way to help you to reap all the benefits of recognizing that you have never been limited and that you are the love, light, beauty, and wisdom that is at the heart of every experience.

Each unique session will help you open more deeply to the self-radiant core of your being and allow it to flow into every part of your life. You will find yourself smiling for no reason, your thoughts will effortlessly become more positive, your heart will overflow with ever-new joy, and your life will transform for the better.

On this course we use all the tools of the Sedona Method, including the 5th Way and the Free Way, to explore the following and much more.

This twelve session video program was originally presented as a live releasing series. Each recorded session is approximately 60 minutes.

  • Recognizing What You Are Not
  • Discovering What You Are
  • The Egolessness of All
  • Waking Up from the Dream
  • Feelings Are Not Facts
  • You Are Welcoming
  • Suffering Is Optional
  • Love Frees You
  • Beyond Belief
  • You Are Happiness
  • All Is Well
  • You Were Never Born
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We cover...

Recognizing What You Are Not

That which you are is so sweet and natural that it is usually overlooked. Part of why we miss this natural grace and presence is that we have identified with that which appears to be who we are and yet is only a projection of our minds. As you recognize what you are not, what is left is that which you truly are now and always have been. As you experience the difference between what you imagine and what is real, it changes the way you perceive everything.

Discovering What You Are

Most of what we experience in life is only an experience that is distracting us from recognizing that we are the source of all that appears. We also miss that we are already beyond all that appears to be holding us back. We think that our thoughts and feelings are running the show; however, you will find that they are only part of the show. This show is both generated by and appearing in that which you actually are. As you see this, your reference point expands boundlessly, and you discover that all power and knowingness flows from you as you.

The Egolessness of All

One of the most important things that prevents us from discovering our true nature and living life filled with ease, joy, and certainty is our belief that we are an individual separate from the All. This belief also translates to us believing that there are “others” who are separate from this one Beingness that all is. As this belief drops away, we discover that there is only one, and all is that, and we feel like we are living heaven on earth.

Waking Up from the Dream

Lester Levenson used to say, “First you discover that this is all a dream, and then you discover that it is a dream that never really was.” As you keep letting go and recognizing what you truly are, you start to see the dreamlike nature of the waking state. The more you see it as a dream, the more you feel free to simply be what you are and allow the world to be as it is. This brings with it a sense of great relief, relaxation, and unbound joy and happiness.

Feelings Are Not Facts

One of the core tenets of the Sedona Method is that feelings are just feelings. They are not facts, and they are not you, and you can let them go. This simple perspective is amazingly liberating. Have you ever had a thought or a feeling that you were certain was the truth, only to discover that it was merely a misinterpretation of your mind? Of course you have! As you see that feelings and thoughts are not the truth, you start to see what is actually here now—from both a practical standpoint of responding appropriately to what is happening now and from the perspective of seeing the underlying truth, harmony, and light that is our basic nature.

You Are Welcoming

The presence of awareness that you are is pure welcoming. Without words, it says yes to everything. As the person that you think you are, you can forget and get lost in the “no.” When we put our attention on allowing what is to be as it is, we naturally align with our inner welcoming. When we allow ourselves to welcome what appears to be bothering us or not going the way we would like, our inner resistance naturally melts, and we discover a beauty and harmony that is beyond understanding.

Suffering Is Optional

When we identify with our body/mind, we believe we are the victims of all things large and small. We tell ourselves stories of limitation which cause us to experience unnecessary suffering. As we recognize what we truly are, the appearance of suffering drops away, revealing that which has never suffered yet allows for all that is experienced. The more you let go of believing you are a body/mind, the less there is suffering and the more there is peace and joy.

Love Frees You

Lester Levenson extolled the healing power of love. As you explore the truth of who you are, you will discover that love is actually your basic nature. Love not only is the cohesive force that holds our world together, but it is also the universal solvent that dissolves that which no longer serves us. You will find that one of the most powerful tools you can access to free yourself from your imagined limitations is loving what is. As you allow yourself to love your thoughts, feelings, and experiences, they lose their weight, and you find yourself already resting as the Freedom that you are.

Beyond Belief

Instead of living in or as what is now, we live in a world that is made up of belief. We believe we are limited, and we believe that we are subject to all sorts of forces that actually have no power over what we truly are. As we recognize and let go of our limiting beliefs, we first discover that anything is possible. As we continue to let go of beliefs, we discover there is whole exquisite world beyond belief that is the source of all that is good, pure, and real.

You Are Happiness

We constantly looking for happiness outside of ourselves, ignoring that all happiness has always come from within. Every time we feel what we call happiness, if we simply look, we can discover that the external circumstances may change but the feeling of happiness has a purity and simplicity that has nothing to do what has happened or not happened. It shines through because you have stopped striving and efforting for a moment, and the stillness that follows allows for your natural happiness to reveal itself to itself.

All Is Well

We believe we live in a world where the simple expression, “All is well,” often feels out of reach and unattainable. Yet when you are open to it you can discover this from your own direct experience—not by denying what is, but instead by embracing it and discovering that there is a deeper harmony always here and now that is unshakable and ever new. This inner sense of harmony is available to us in every moment and is easily discovered as you let go of what appears to be in the way.

You Were Never Born

Bodies appear and disappear, yet what you are was never born and will never die. It is the infinite, boundless peace that is the unchanging background in or on which all appears, including your body and world. As you see the world from perspective, all is right with you and the world, and all is perfect as it is. You know that no matter what happens, you are this changeless Beingness, and that can never die.


The Free Way

This program will also include the new way of releasing from or as Freedom called The Free Way.

As you have probably heard, and even felt many times, you are already the Freedom you are seeking.

As you simply allow yourself to perceive whatever appears to be limiting “you” from the perspective of that which has never been limited, all else dissolves revealing profound peace, light, love, and clarity.

As you see it from this perspective it becomes harder and harder to hold onto what just a moment ago may have seemed an unsolvable issue or an un-releasable limitation.

Releasing from Freedom also profoundly shifts the way you perceive and experience all that appears. As you keep releasing from this perspective you discover that there is no such thing as an enlightened person. There is enlightenment perceiving the appearance of the personal.

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