Events with Hale Dwoskin and Sedona Method Certified Instructors

From Resistance to Ease

12-Session Releasing Series

This 12-session course we will be exploring the letting go of the resistance, embracing of the flow and rediscovering what is already free of resistance in every moment. This program will also include the new way of releasing from or as Freedom called The Free Way.

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For most of us resistance is hard wired into our experience and our life perspectives. We believe we need to resist what we don’t want and push for what we do want. We forget that there is a natural flow in life that that has its own unique power and grace. We also forget that resistance itself is an indicator of our holding on to the false identity of being a limited person in a separate and hostile world.

Letting go of resistance translates into immediate relief from stress, tension and anxiety and an increase in happiness, peace and well-being. As we watch our stress dissolve we find it easier to do what we choose and stop doing what we know is not in our highest and best good.

Yet, as we let go of resistance we discover that there is a natural support and power that flows through our bodies, minds and world that is always supporting us in being our true self and having what is right for us both within and without.

When we see through our sense of being a limited body/mind there is a natural ease and harmony that unfolds in our experience. Our mind quiets and we find that resistance dissolves by itself leaving happiness, peace and joy in its place.

In this course we will be exploring the letting go of the resistance, embracing of the flow and rediscovering what is already free of resistance in every moment. This allows us to live as the natural though free awareness that knows our experience, is the container for all that happens, and is the true substratum of all that is perceived.

Here is just some of what we will explore:

The Nature of Resistance

When we become clearer about what resistance actually is and how it effects our lives, we can let it go and see beyond it much more easily and directly. You will find that each time you let go of resistance you are filled with energy, light, and power, and life just seems to be simpler, richer, and filled with all good things.

Free Money

We often resist receiving, having, spending, and enjoying money which causes a bottleneck of lack, neediness, uncertainty, and insecurity. As you see these patterns of limitation in your life, which are being created and held in place by resistance, you will watch them dissolve being replaced by greater satisfaction, abundance, and grace. As you notice that richness that is a natural part of being-awareness you feel like you have enough and you are enough and this reflects in every part of your life.

Love Unbound

When we believe certain prerequisites are required for love and loving relationships we resist the current state of our relationships. This causes us to often only see what is wrong with our partners or our relationships as opposed to seeing what we share and what we have in common. As you let go of resisting your current state of relationship, you start to see what is naturally shared and what you can agree with and support in yourself and your partner. As you keep letting go you recognize that that you are inwardly the same Beingness. That sense of being your partner is one of the ways you experience true love and compassion.

Aliveness Liberated

When we live in the feeling of resistance and separation our bodies often feel heavy, drained, tense, and unwell. Yet as we let go of resisting both the flow of life and how our bodies are now we can find a way to nurture our bodies and take care of them in a way that supports aliveness and greater freedom in life. As you recognize that you are that which is present, not confined within the body, you feel less and less bound by its limitations and you find your natural unlimitedness.

Welcoming Acceptance and the Flow

The opposite of resistance is an open-flowing energy and a complete acceptance of what is as it is. Since acceptance and flow are already right here, right now, right beyond what we are experiencing as resistance, we can simply welcome that right here, right now in any situation. By welcoming the opposite you help the mind see through the illusion of resistance. As you sit back as this acceptance and flow you realize that this is your natural state and is at the heart of all that is experienced.

Kick the Habit

Resisting what is is just a habit based on the memory's past limitations and beliefs. Plus, many of the habit patterns in our lives that we like the least are compensations for and a direct result of this resistance. As we let go of resistance we discover that we don’t always have to do things the way we have always done them and that there are new ways of being in life that are much more life affirming and fun. As you naturally embrace what is as it is you discover that just beyond your apparent limitations is a sense of freedom and joy and contentment that defies description.

Resistance Is Futile

When we feel resistance we often reflexively try and either fight against it or push through it. Both of these reactions to resistance come from the resistance itself. The nature of resistance is to push against the world so it will push back. Also, when we oppose what is, when we fight against it, we amplify the resistance, because resistance is basically saying no to life and railing against or pulling away from what is. As you welcome the feeling of resistance you will notice it naturally dissolves. Also, as you allow your beingness to be, you naturally find that you are already resistance free.


We live life either feeling like time is moving too quickly or too slowly and we ignore the timeless now that is always what is being experienced and lived. When we feel time bound, we feel victimized by time and feel like we need to manage it, often unsuccessfully, or we just don’t feel like we can simply stop pushing and relax and be. We also forget that the only time we can do anything about anything is now. Yet now is all there is and as you discover this living now that is beyond time your resistance dissolves and you find a sense of timelessness and ease both at rest and in action.

Being Thought Free

When we resist our thoughts they appear to have the upper hand and tell us what we can or cannot do. And we also tend to identify as the thinker of the thoughts rather than the watcher of them. The more identified we are with our thinking the more we feel victimized by thoughts and the more we resist them. As you release your resistance to both thinking and the patterns of thought that you don’t like you find that your thoughts get clearer and quieter. This continues until you discover that your thoughts don’t actually think and your true knowingness and innate intelligence comes from beyond your thoughts – is already freedom.

Striving Is Not Always Thriving

We rarely just simply relax as that natural Beingness that is right here right now. Instead, we are often striving to both fix our lives and fix ourselves. We are either leaning into life or hanging back from life. Both are symptoms of resisting life and cause us to miss the opportunities to achieve what we choose and be what we already are. As you simply stop or pause this insistent habit you open to a whole new world.

Be Aware of and as the Flow That Is Already Here and Now

Most of us calibrate our lives based on points of resistance. We ignore the areas of our lives that are already in the flow and focus on the points of resistance. We are actually being carried by the river of life but instead of surrendering to flow, we are kicking and screaming. We also try to grab onto every obstacle as though we are grabbing onto every rock in the stream to somehow be safer and more in control. Both the rocks in the stream and the apparent obstacles in our lives are a creation of resistance. As you discover that you are the water that is flowing as the stream you are never held back by any apparent obstacle.

You Are Already Beyond Resistance

What you are right here right now is already whole, complete, and perfect as it is. The more you recognize this as your living experience the whole concept of resistance drops away and you live as this ever-new living awareness that is both the source and the fruition of all your seeking to be free. You discover that this has always been here and now shining in plain view. This results in a sense of timeless bliss and unshakable inner happiness and peace.