Events with Hale Dwoskin and Sedona Method Certified Instructors

The Sedona Method Facilitator Training

“The fastest ticket to Freedom is helping another be free.”
- Lester Levenson

Releasing with partners is one of the most powerful ways to benefit from the Sedona Method. As you help others release, you release too, automatically, on a very deep level, without your conscious mind needing to be involved. That’s one of the reasons we release with partners during all of our retreats—it is always very powerful and effective for both partners.

The focus of this program is on learning how to help another release while releasing some of your own core holdbacks and freeing yourself to achieve even your most ambitious dreams and aspirations. When you move in the direction of helping others with releasing it vastly accelerates your own releasing, goal achievement, and self-confidence on every level.

This course will benefit anyone who would like to help family and friends, and, of course, anyone who would like to experience this amazingly powerful way of releasing simply for themselves. You do not need to want to help others to immensely benefit from this course.

This training is also ideal for anyone who works with other people and would like to help them release. This includes coaches, trainers, facilitators, counselors, doctors, spiritual leaders, and members of any support team. Even though it is not a certification program it will help you to make the work you are already doing with other people and organizations vastly more effective with the Sedona Method.

The pre-recorded part of the Sedona Method Facilitator Training was filmed in October 2016.

In addition to over 20 hours of videos, you are invited to join Hale for one or two 90-minute group sessions during each of the five Wednesdays during the training to support you in the journey. Two sessions will be held each Wednesday to accommodate different time zones. You can attend via live video broadcast or by telephone.