Events with Hale Dwoskin and Sedona Method Certified Instructors

The Netherlands Retreat
September 2018


Our 6-Day Retreats are designed to help you to dive deeply in the limitless beauty, love, and peace that you are. You will learn tools, perspectives and techniques to continue to transform every part of your life from now on.

So, if you are ready to breakthrough on every level to a totally new way of being, join us on this September Retreat.

I look forward to being with you in The Netherlands!



Happiness is Closer Than the Next Story

Tapping the Source of Happiness


Follow your intuition and you'll open to beautiful benefits just like everyone below:

"Using the book and course for releasing is beneficial however coming to a retreat makes it a hundred times better. The energy and support is wonderful. I feel much more centered. I feel that my releasing is deeper and more effective. I have the tools to go further and deeper to find the peace that I have been searching for."
- Phil Canter, Hughesville, Maryland

"I had a great six days learning how to find myself. I am so fortunate to have had this awakening. I am finding so much more of myself. It's wonderful. I am very thankful."
- Cornelia Honchar, Tucson, Arizona

"I met my soul mate at the last holiday retreat and we were married eight months later. At this retreat I feel more calm, relaxed and happy with simple things. I feel less craving for worldly pleasures and more connected to everyone."
- Vivek Venugopal, Phoenix, Arizona

"This is my third retreat with Hale in Sedona. I noticed that I am going deeper and wider with releasing and appreciating everyone with greater love - whether they are speaking or holding the space or releasing. I am enjoying seeing the familiar people and catching up as friends. This is a gain because I am recognizing how much I value the Sedona Method Community as a safe environment to learn, grow, release, and experience truth. Even though I sense there are changes coming that will affect my work, living situation, and personal relationships - I trust that all will unfold as it is meant to be, and I trust the peace and love that I notice now will be present no matter what I experience."
- Kim Moriyama, Durango, Colorado

"This is my second retreat and my depth of understanding of The Sedona Method has made a substantial jump. I am so pleased that I attended this retreat to deepen my understanding of what is. I also got a lot out of the partnerships going for the full 30 minutes, and I appreciate that Hale insisted on working through the full time. I plan to attend more retreats."
- Sandra Anderson, Knoxville, Tennessee

"It was very helpful to see how I am focusing on certain situations, and simply seeing that was profound. I couldn't ever go back to the way I was. I have huge appreciation for those who courageously ask for assistance. They speak for me, and I find it so much easier to release from my seat than from under the spotlight. The retreats just keep getting better and better. I appreciate being able to benefit from Hale's growth and expansion. It is so awesome to be in a room full of people releasing!"
- Adrienne Bridgewater, Scottsdale, Arizona

"I gained valuable tools to help me in my daily life to drop that which is not real, and that which is limiting my life. As a new participant in The Sedona Method, I realize that my life path can change if I want it to change, and that obstacles are of my own making. I had many profound insights that I will use in my daily life."
- Gordon Johnson, Denton, Maryland

"I have been provided with tools to be all that I can be for a richer and fuller life. It has given me cause and reason to appreciate all the people and life experiences that I have had with new eyes. The exercises have been fun and powerful in releasing internal baggage. The retreat itself has given me friendships from many places and a chance to have rich dialogues with people who have common life goals. I am thankful for the experience of this retreat. Listening and laughing and loving every minute by being present is my gift to myself."
- Jean, Woodinville, Washington

"Thank you for this retreat! One big realization I had was how my resistance has been holding back my life. I have all sorts of beliefs about what I should be doing, but I don't want to be doing some of those things, so I do nothing. I had many subtle insights throughout the entire retreat that really helped me to deepen my understanding of the Sedona Method and how to work with it in my daily life. I appreciate everyone who contributed to this retreat. Thanks again!"
- Zoe Blarowski, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

"I now see how releasing is an integral part of my life goal of God realization. The Sedona Method, for me, is a way of being in life, the "how to" of surrender which is living open and letting life flow."
- Malcon Taylor, Nashville, Tennessee

"It was wonderful to meet so many people that are interested in the same thing, willing to make the effort toward improving their lives and uncovering their real self."
- Rivka Blum, Tel Aviv, Israel

"One of my biggest gains from being at this retreat is that I have learned to put a lot less effort into the experience and let it just happen. Also, I have experienced that the mind doesn’t have to be the enemy. It just got trained in the past to focus on what’s wrong and that can change. It doesn’t seem so personal now and really there aren’t any real problems. They’re all made up. I now feel I have a good bag of tools to continue the releasing process when I go home. Thanks to Hale and everyone who has made this retreat possible."
- Anonymous

"I have gained real, profound insight into how I can bring a deep sense of peace into my life b y letting go of attachments to those things that hold me back from real freedom. During this retreat I have experienced firsthand the power of The Sedona Method. I have learned effective techniques to detach from limiting thoughts, beliefs, personal stories, expectations and outcomes. What a relief! This seems to me to be a genuine path towards universal truth. I am grateful for the chance I’ve had to make this journey."
- Craig Bugden, Ontario, Canada

"I was introduced to The Sedona Method in the spring of 2013. It helped me gracefully negotiate a tumultuous year of job loss, financial loss, career change, and relocation. It is helping me realize new and higher and more aligned ways of being here and now. From the retreat I am going deeper and wider to release old, old habits of anger, lack of worthiness, and being on guard. I am grateful to be on the path of freedom."
- Pat Buchanan, Toledo, Ohio

"After the first couple of days I noticed that I had released a huge chunk of shame. After that, it seemed most of the releases the following day were around a lifelong narrative of inadequacy. It became hilarious looking at this and at all of the ways it has driven me in the past. Thank you, Hale. I love you and appreciate all that you are doing." - Ed Roberts, Galveston, Texas

"There is a miraculous benefit to being in this retreat setting. Everyone becomes a mirror for what is also going on inside me. This experience allows compassion to emerge, not only for the other person but for myself as well. I find I am now carrying this compassion out beyond the walls of the retreat."
- Nina Lockwood, Fort Edward, New York

“It seems like I’ve been 'seeking' my entire life. I’ve been meditating for nearly 20 years but for me, The Sedona Method is the gift that makes every day of my life into a meditative state. The Holiday Retreat and being with 90 other like-minded people has been a truly profound experience. I’m coming back in June!”
- Deb Schreiber, Sun City, AZ

“I feel so happy. Five days ago, I was not sure if I was going to be able to attend the retreat. Here I am, running short of words to explain how good I feel. I feel so much love, people around me are so caring, and I don’t need approval anymore.”
- Pallavi Priya, Fremont, CA

“The main take away from this retreat was the realization that I am more than a body and a mind. Thank you for transmitting such wonderful knowledge in a short period of time. I am looking forward to seeing you in the next retreat, in order to continue this path towards finding myself.”
- Marisol, San Diego, CA

“I have had a much clearer vision of my program of limitation and as a result will be able to break through the next time a feeling of not deserving, or fear of any kind comes up. Being in the presence of other like-minded spiritual warriors has been of great help. Many thanks to Hale, all of the people here, and those that participate from home.”
- Scott Hendren, Ontario, Canada

“I had frequent glimpses of peace, I felt lighter and more joyful, and I was given the practical steps for continuing to release at home.”
- Jim Ware, Long Grove, IL

“In coming to this retreat, I had been using holistic releasing to allow my divorce to finalize peacefully and easily. I have been able to make a lot of progress in releasing other difficult situations and relationships and I feel that I now can set the goal to find a new job, release on that, and then go forward without dragging a lot of old stuff along with me.”
- Lynn Meredith, Lake Tapawingo, MO

“I had no idea that freedom from my deeper patterns could feel so mundane and easy. I want to articulate my admiration for Hale and the way he expresses love – without sentiment. I also want to express my appreciation for the committed souls on the retreat that co-created the buzz of funny and deeply serious enquiry into oneness. I expected a lot and I received more than I expected.”
- Jacqueline Jago

“I had what I considered a very traumatic event happen to me about 5 years ago. I’ve been holding onto anger, fear, and grief for 5 years. Through the releasing methods and two very profound releases I am able to feel a sense of peace and acceptance. I feel internally transformative, light, and free. I’m very thankful that I came to this retreat and for Hale and all of the staff and participants. This was a life changer for me.”
- Rhonda Sihler, Pasadena, CA

“I feel lighter, as if 50 pounds of suffering has been lifted off my shoulders. It’s easier to be me. I learned to stop planning to have problems and suffer.”
- Jennifer Samuel-Chance, Tampa, FL

“It’s as if my whole perspective of life changed in an instant. I used to allow energy attention hogs to hold me hostage while I listened to their stories. It felt like I was being squeezed in a vice. This is a great relief!”
- Carol Small, Berry Creek, CA

“I’m so thrilled with the results. My neck, shoulders, and lower back are more limber than they have been in a long time! I’m sure my staff will really appreciate the sense of peace about me!”
- Glenda Williamson, Decatur, IL

“After taking part in a Retreat and working on a chronic sleeping problem, I slept without sleeping pills for the first time in 10 years!”
- Ines Florian, Bussum, Netherlands

“My gains were my insights into how we muck up our lives and it’s completely unnecessary. The fact that we are not our emotions had eluded me, which is ridiculous. I see clearly that the stories are not us. What an amazing insight and release from attachment and suffering.”
- Lilia Sinclair, Glasgow, UK

“As a third time retreat participant, I can honestly say that I am a happier person with each visit. It takes less and less time to be present and let the routines and stresses of daily living dissolve.”
- Michelle Boone, Toronto, CA

“I purchased my $1.5 million dream home effortlessly with no money down and an interest rate below the bank borrowing rate for the life of my mortgage. The financial means and the way to create the legal structure were always there. I just didn’t see it until after I went to the Sedona Method Retreat in June.”
- Angela Bradley, Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you for showing me a way to just be present. I physically have noticed a change within and also have seen the light shine brightly into my eyes. I am grateful and thankful!”
- Arlene Schmidek, Alberta, Canada

“My major gain in my second 7 Day Retreat was to just be. I stayed with the presence/awareness and everything seemed peaceful, calm and relaxed. From time to time there were interruptions. Feelings, sensations, images and sounds would come up and stay for awhile with the awareness, then they went away like clouds in the sky.”
- Jerome Goldschmidt, Luxembourg

“My biggest gain came from being here with wonderful, amazing people. They changed my life. Hale, of course, did much to help me release. These new friends are my support group for the rest of my life.”
- Tom Stine, Springfield, MO

“On October 15th I had an operation to repair a total rupture of my Achilles tendon. Doctors told me it could take up to a year to heal. I really wanted to attend the 7 Day Retreat in December. Using the Sedona Method, the healing went very quickly. I was able to travel from Holland to Sedona. The first day of the new year, I am walking almost without limitation.”
- Babs Stulemeyer, Bussum, Netherlands

“Wow, on this third retreat, I came with my mom and my 14-year-old son. The gains here have been many; joy, laughter, smiles. I partnered on most exercises with my son and was surprised that most often when my mind was trying to assess and judge his experience, I found that what he said was very different than what my mind thought. But, when I was open and aware without judgment and emotions, I knew that he was the same loving, caring, openness that I am. Looking into his eyes with deep love is beyond words. It was Namaste. Thank you.”
- Susan Pattee, Colorado Springs, CO

“During the 7 Day Retreat, I worked with Hale around my son who has migraine headaches and is addicted to drugs. He has been living with his mother for the past three years with her basically taking care of him. He has not been able to hold a job during this time. I’ve been trying to fix him for 30 years with no results. When I released with Hale, I let go of trying to figure out what to do about him. This morning I checked my cell phone and there was a message from my son. He has gotten a job in Florida and made arrangements to move to a halfway house. His well-being has been one of my last issues to deal with. I can now allow him his own experience and love him unconditionally whether or not he stays off drugs.”
- Duke Warren, Folly Beach, SC

“This retreat has allowed me to experience myself in a new way—a way I’d had knowledge of, but not known. The experience of being here in this group dynamic and releasing in this depth is something far beyond my initial experience and beyond my expectations. The material, tangible benefits of this method pale in relation to the non-conceptual gains of growing into That Which Already Is.”
- Tim Hall, Des Moines, IA

“I’ve found the Sedona Method to be one of the most simple, yet profound procedures to arouse the level of consciousness, allowing a person to become aware of his/her beingness, and enhance living in the now. Thank you, Hale for your loving nature and your openness to share this releasing process with the world.”
- Gisela Echeverria, Valencia, Venezuela

"As a therapist, I am familiar with methods around the world. When you do therapy with someone, you try to fit their problems in a box and you are mostly looking for a reason. All methods I’ve worked with have done this. The Sedona Method clarifies that we don’t need to try to solve a problem. Going with the flow is what really matters.”
- Kagan Bayraktaroglu, Istanbul, Turkey

“This is my first retreat in Sedona. Here in Sedona I just am! When I prepare a question or something to share, they just dissolve before I can get to the venue. I’ve lost interest in my stories. I enjoy every moment and will be back in Sedona soon!”
- Maria Schweitzer, Durham, England

“The Sedona Method has been a great confirmation for me that in my simple awareness of existence, all there is is love, humor and harmony. I have learned to no longer fight the process. Instead, I now embrace the feelings, sensations, and thoughts and create total bliss playing and processing all that shows up. There is total freedom in not having to think about thought or worry about its existence. There is peace and harmony in being the observer. Thank you for your enlightenments and reminders.”
- David T. Joyce, New Bern, NC

“I was finally able to see that after almost 20 years of major health challenges, I could just focus on and be with what is actually present in the now and drop the upset around the long saga of illness that I have been carrying as part of my identity. Realizing those years and that big, dramatic story are just memories and don’t mean anything about now or the future feels very peaceful. What a blessing! I am grateful to see how gentle, loving and easy releasing is through the Sedona Method. I had believed the releasing process was harsh, heavy and just another part of my daily to do list. I now feel how graceful and natural it is and that it’s already part of me.”
- Susan Ortolano, Woodland Hills, CA

“I realize how insignificant my “problems” are, letting go of my attachment to my "story" was far easier than I thought. I've never felt more optimistic about life and hitting my goals. Allowing myself to just be is a great feeling."
- Hussein Alhadi, Watertown, MA

"For the past 10 years I could not sleep through the night and I was lucky if I could fall asleep at all. Now I sleep soundly 8 hours each night."
- Angela Bradley, Los Angeles, CA

"I realize I don't have to work at releasing so intensely. During the retreat I was able to gently be with whatever was present and let it go. It was peaceful releasing."
- Rick Ortolano, Woodland Hills, CA