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Lester Levenson — Mastering the Body and Beyond

Track 1
This track could easily be called "Be Not the Body." Lester Levenson talks about habits and addictions, how our thinking impacts our experience; how it is necessary to identify with the Self and not the body in order to be released from the wheel of rebirth; how the body and pain is experienced when you are not identified with the body. Several stories of non-identification with the body including a man who continued to run without his head and Lester's account of letting go of a badly injured foot. Lester says it is separation that creates the mind that creates the body.

 "The deadliest of all things is our thinking."

"The fact that we were born into a body shows that we are ignorant of our Infinite Self."

"Look at the world as you would a three-ring circus with you outside of it. Be in the world but not of it. Let go and let God. All these statements mean the same thing. Do not identify with the body."

"Identify with your Real Self, I AM THAT I AM."

Track 2
Lester continues his talk with subjects such as how to be happy and have pleasure directly through the Self the key to constant joy with no sorrow.

Lester encourages us not to take millions of years to identify with the "I," but to do it in this lifetime and go all the way back home. (The audio on this track is variable, with portions that are louder than others.)

"Our pleasures must be taken directly, not from things outside of ourselves."

"All joy is nothing but the Self, more or less."

A master in this world sees everyone as "points of perfection of Infinity."