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Private Lessons with
Lester Levenson

Keep it simple is the message Lester Levenson gives his students. This is to help them get there faster in understanding their freedom and relationships. He refers to this as KISS (Keep It Simple Sweetheart).

Quiet the Mind 
Track 1: Lester on Letting Go of Resisting Freedom
Track 2:  Letting Go
Track 3:  Mind Mechanism

Quiet your feelings you quiet the mind, allowing you to be in touch with yourself. Then you now have the freedom to choose your thoughts.

Taking Responsibility  
Track 1: You Can Do Anything
Track 2: Identify With Beingness Only
Track 3: Imperturbability

You can do anything starts with you taking responsibility for all around you. The right place to look is right where you are. Lose the wanting and desire. Replace that by becoming a doer.

Joy and Beingness 

Track 1: You Are Not The Body Or The Mind
Track 2:  Being, Doing, Having
Track 3: Weeks Or Months

Your mind says you are the body and sets up the body. By doing nothing and quieting the mind you become free. Then you will not feel you are victim of your body because you have not programmed your feelings, desires & thoughts into it. When you reach this point that can take weeks or months, you will see your joy and beingness.

Let it Be
Track 1:Going Free
Track 2:Freedom Is Eternal 
Track 3: Let It Happen

Resistance is the obstacle of achieving freedom of being. Don’t fight and be resistant, just be and let it be.  

You Being You 
Track 1: No Limitations
Track 2: Limited Vehicle Of Body
Track 3: Body Identity

We choose our limitations and have convinced ourselves that we are limited. To have no limitations stop identifying that we are a limited body. Happiness is only you being you, the more you are you the happier you are.

The Freedom State 
Track 1: Why Don’t You Know You’re Infinite
Track 2: Confronting Truth
Track 3: You Don’t Disappear

Confronting and recognizing the freedom state first will enable you to be totally free. Only the concepts of limitations are lost with full realization. The body is not lost, you don’t disappear.