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Lester Levenson — On Sleep and Awakening

Discover the Nature of the Real Self and Happiness

On this recording, Lester Levenson is giving informal talks to a group of students on the subjects of sleep, awakening, death, the nature of the Real Self and happiness.

There are four untitled tracks on this recording along with some quotes from each track to give you a flavor for the topics:

Track 1
"Everyone likes sleep and fears death and the only difference between sleep and death is the length of time."
Go to sleep and you let go of your mind and the world."

Track 2
"Get the mind quiet and the Self presents itself to you."
"People who are realized don't need sleep."

Track 3
"If you're not the mind, what are you?"
"It boils down to getting rid of desire and then no one and no thing can disturb you."

Track 4
Lester gives the key to constant happiness in this track:
"The key is looking for happiness where it is."
"It's the joy that results from being your Real Self."

 "The quieter you get your mind, the happier you are."