Lester Levenson — The Way

The Way was recorded in 1989 and includes a special bonus recorded in 1989 and 1973.

Lester was pulling no punches as he spoke with a small, dedicated group of staff at the former Sedona Method Retreat Center. These rare recordings contain powerful pointers on how to achieve freedom now.

Session 1: Recorded May 25, 1989

  • This session helps you discover the infinite being that you are and use that discovery to better the world. Step number one of the Sedona Method is: “You want to want Freedom more than you want the world.”
  • “If you try to do no action you will not succeed…. Only releasing helps, and only releasing will get you all the way.” “You must go free in the world… In action to let your feelings come up to release.”

Session 2: Recorded June 25, 1989

  • “Every time you effort you are not happy, but the moment you let go of identifying yourself as being the body things are effortless.”
  • “As you get free, the resistance to allowing the remaining garbage to come up gets less.… But you have to open the door initially.”

Session 3: Recorded July and August 1989

  • “Right now, you are totally free…”
  • “The basis of our philosophy is very simple: each one of us has no limits whatsoever except those we hold on to mentally.”

Session 4: Recorded April 1973

  • “Achieving immortality is consciously leaving your body.”
  • “Who am I that has this body, who has this mind? … Get the answer to that.”