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Lester Levenson — The Enlightened State and Beyond Desire

This material sheds light on the trap of desire and what is beyond our usual waking state of limitation. A re-mastered recording of Lester Levenson in his prime in the 1960s and early 70s, Lester is speaking to some of his most advanced students. Listening to Lester will pull you deeply into your own inner knowingness and help you uncover the freedom that you already are.

Here's a sample of what Lester is speaking about...

"Everyone is seeking happiness and that happiness is our very own Self."

"The mistake we all make is that we look for this happiness in people and in things."

"It is good in our daily life to be not the doer.just be the Witness."

"The right way is not to plan because everything is perfect."

"If we assume that we are there and we are not, we are soon awakened to the fact that we are not. If you're not there, of course you have to plan."

"The more we desire this top state, the sooner it comes."

"If any one of us believed that we could go to down a restaurant here and have a cup of coffee with Jesus the way that you believe you could do it with me if you had that much acceptance then you could do it."