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Lester Levenson — Ultimate Goal Volume I

The Ultimate Goal represents our most complete collections of talks by Lester Levenson, the inspiration behind the Sedona Method. These talks were recorded at various times from 1964 through 1984. These talks were personally edited by Hale Dwoskin.

The Ultimate Goal will take you deep into the core of your own being, allowing you to easily and naturally access your own inner wisdom and discover for yourself the truths that Lester so often eloquently spoke about. You will find yourself listening to them time and again, each time gaining deeper insights to your natural state of Beingness.

Session 1: The Ultimate Goal
When achieved, this greatest happiness, absolute calmness, and total well-being resolve into a deep, profound peace that cannot ever again be perturbed.

Session 2: Experiencing Truth
When we go just beyond the world, we discover the absolute truth that there is a singular Oneness throughout the world and universe. This Oneness turns out to be our very own Self, our very own Beingness, which some call God.

Session 3: Letting Go of Ego
Ego drive comes from the subconscious knowledge of the terrific being that we really are and our trying to express it through a very limited thing called the personality.

Session 4: The Perfect Body
The blueprint for the body is in the mind. A balanced, unstressed mind results in a balanced, unstressed body.

Session 5: The Mind Mirror
The mind is reflected consciousness, reflected from its source, the Self, just like the light from the moon is reflected from the sun. While the moonlight may be used to reveal objects, it is no longer needed when the sun rises.