Lester Levenson — Ultimate Goal Volume II

The Ultimate Goal represents our most complete collections of talks by Lester Levenson, the inspiration behind the Sedona Method. These talks were recorded at various times from 1964 through 1984. These talks were personally edited by Hale Dwoskin.

The Ultimate Goal will take you deep into the core of your own being, allowing you to easily and naturally access your own inner wisdom and discover for yourself the truths that Lester so often eloquently spoke about. You will find yourself listening to them time and again, each time gaining deeper insights to your natural state of Beingness.

Session 1: Happiness Is Love - Lester’s Realization
Lester describes the experiences and realizations that led up to his ultimate understanding of the absolute Truth.

Session 2: The Source of All Intelligence - Lester’s Realization Part 2
Lester continues to talk about his Realization. He gives some insights to events that have happened to him and how we can learn from his experiences to positively affect our daily lives. He also speaks about how to eliminate our limitations.

Session 3: The Answer Is Here All the Time
Lester describes the best ways to meditate and the truth about renunciation.

Session 4: There Are No Problems
Lester talks about why there seem to be more problems in the world today. He discusses the worldwide spiritual cycle and where we are. He also describes the best way to pray and speaks on being your “infinite self.”

Session 5: The Steps to Being What You Are
Lester talks about the steps you can take to easily uncover your Beingness. He discusses how to undo identification with the body-mind and how you can discover all your happiness within.

Session 6: Beingness
Lester talks about what it is like to experience your natural state of Beingness.