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"I experienced a level of peace and joy that I couldn’t imagine. I feel more in my body like it is finally okay to be “here”. I love it. Thank you!"
Gary Alfred, Nanaimo, BC


If you are flying into the area, please fly into the Phoenix Airport (PHX). Sedona is two hours north of Phoenix, so please plan your arrival and departure flights accordingly. Note: It is not recommended that you fly into Flagstaff. Although closer to Sedona than Phoenix, at 7,000’ elevation Flagstaff can get snowed in occasionally during the winter months.

A car is highly recommended, and walking from your hotel to the retreat site is not recommended. Please note, there is no public transportation in Sedona and hotels do not have shuttle service.

If you’re not renting a car, there are two shuttle services from the airport in Phoenix: Sedona Phoenix Shuttle at 928-282-2066 and Ace Xpress Shuttle at 928-639-3357. Please make your reservations in advance and be sure the shuttle will drop you directly at your hotel or somewhere very close by.


There are over 125 hotels in the Sedona area, for a listing of accommodations you can go to the Sedona Chamber of Commerce website at and click on “Sedona Visitor Info” and then click on “Where to Stay.”

If you would like assistance in booking a room in Sedona, please call Sedona Central Reservations at 800-445-4128. They are knowledgeable about all the hotels in Sedona and there is no charge to you for this service.


You are on your own for meals during the retreat. There are numerous restaurants at Tlaquepaque Plaza or in Uptown Sedona (both areas are less then half a mile from the retreat site. Food and drinks are not allowed in the retreat building, only water. The building will also be locked during the 2-hour lunch each day.


The weather in Sedona is variable. In our high desert climate, Summer can be very hot, Fall and Spring usually quite comfortable and Winter may bring snow and rain.


Please dress casually with loose-fitting clothing and bring layers as the retreat room can be very warm or cool at different times of the day.

Since you’re making this investment in your releasing; please leave at home anything that will distract you from that purpose. This course is about YOU and about uncovering your power to be imperturbable. Please give yourself and others the opportunity to release without distractions.

We hope this information will help you in your preparations.

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