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The Abundance of Beingness

12-Session Releasing Series

Most of the time when we try and create abundance, we are trying to impose our will on the whole. We miss the richness that is already within us and around us. Recognizing and celebrating the Beingness that we are leads to an easy richness that affects every part of our lives, including our activities.

As we let go and recognize the truth of or what we are, we naturally want less and have more. We feel more at peace and content with what is as it is. This causes many goals to drop away, however it also makes it easier to focus on what is right for us in this moment and to take the action to bring what is right for us into manifestation.

The Beingness that we are wants for nothing and is everything. As we rest more as this Beingness, it provides a solid platform to just simply be and allow life to unfold as it is moment to moment. We discover what we truly wish for and how it is already what we are and what is all around us.

This doesn’t mean that you just sit on your couch, and all will come to you. But it does mean that you will experience more flow and richness in the movement of your life.

This brand-new releasing series can help you manifest more of what you desire and be at peace with and in love with what is already manifesting through and as you now.

And don’t worry if you cannot make it to all of the live sessions. We will have recordings for you, and they will be every bit as effective.

The Abundance of Beingness 12-Session Live Releasing Series
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January 24 through 29, 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. daily. Live audio via the internet or telephone.


We will cover...

What Is It You Already Have?

Taking stock of the abundance that you already have in your life opens you to having a clear-eyed view of your world as it is. Most of us habitually focus on what is missing rather than what we have. However, when you focus on having, it begets more of the same. It also helps you get clear if there is truly anything that needs to be added.

What You Believe You Want

In order to work on creating what we choose, it is important to be clear on what we believe we need or want in order to be happy and free. Getting clear on our goals and aspirations is an important step in discovering whether or not they are appropriate for us. As you gain this clarity, you find that many things fall into line. This is a great starting point for bringing remaining aspirations into expression every day.

Your Goals Are a Window

Whatever we desire to create is a representation of a lack that we feel inside. We believe if we fill this lack with something outside of ourselves, we somehow will become okay as we are. When we want to create something, it is from the feeling that we don’t have or are not already that. As you discover that whatever it is you want will not give you what you already are, many goals drop away, revealing the beauty and abundance that is now. This also creates a window to manifest your most authentic goals and aspirations.

The Past Does Not Need to Dictate

When we think of moving in the direction of our intentions, some of the first barriers we often encounter are our beliefs and memories. This causes us to focus on how we have struggled and failed in the past and what we believe we need to do to prevent it from happening again. This is backwards. When we try not to create what we don’t want, we simply do what we have already done unsuccessfully. When you focus on what is actually appropriate now, you have a real chance to align with your true power and wisdom and allow this power and wisdom to reveal what is appropriate for you now.

Allow Life to Lead You

Often, we are trying to attract or create what we want in our lives. This sometimes appears to work; however, it can also cause unnecessary stress, tension, and anxiety. When you allow yourself to be led by life instead of trying to manipulate it, you will find an immense power that supports you in having what is best for you and being what you truly are. And, yes, this can mean a new career, wealth, beautiful things, and successful projects.

Acting From Being

We usually feel that we are the doer of every action that happens through our body/minds. This sense of doership cuts us of from the true source of power that is beyond the person. As you see that action merely happens as a function of Beingness, there is a greater harmony and ease in life. This allows you to experience greater having, being, and doing with ease and grace. You can see shifts in how you are while at home, in line at the store, working with colleagues, and in every part of your everyday life.

The Flow Is What Is Natural

Most of the time we long to live in the flow of life but instead feel like our lives are filled with bumps, obstacles, and hazards that need to be avoided. Yet as you open to the flow which underlies all that, you see and feel it everywhere. This flow gently carries you through life’s difficulties and helps you be wherever you need to be in order to have all the richness and physical prosperity that life has to offer.

Allow Love to Lead You to Abundance

We live in a sea of love, which is the source and fruition of abundance, peace, and joy. Yet we believe we need to first have life be a certain way in order for us to feel this love that we are. As you simply pay attention to the love that is already right here and now, it reveals that abundance of life as it is and opens you to all that is possible.

Follow Your Intuition

At apparent points of decision and struggle, we often find we know what the right way is to go or be. Yet as you let go of believing you are the decider; you discover that your intuition and clear reason is already leading you to what is your highest and best good. And releasing opens you to more useful and practical intuition.

All Is Well

We rarely feel or allow ourselves to accept even the possibility that all is well even now. We are delaying our happiness and satisfaction until circumstances in life change into the way we would like them to be. As you let go, you discover that in this moment all is actually well as it is. This feeling of well-being is what is natural and is the perfect springboard of action if required.

Lucid Waking

Most of the time we are awake we are actually asleep in a dream made of our beliefs and stories. As you let go and recognize what you truly are, you discover that you are wakefulness. This wakefulness transcends your beliefs and ideas about life, and it guides what is unfolding in this moment. You feel like you are lucidly dreaming your life as opposed to being the victim of circumstance and preconditions. This often translates to a greater alignment with wanting and having and can dramatically affect what you experience in life whether it is success, health, relationships, or spiritual growth.

You Are All

We struggle in life when we believe we are a limited person separate from all else. As you let go and recognize truth, you discover that nothing is actually separate from what you are. You discover that all that appears within and around you is the one Beingness. This Beingness is all, and you are that. This produces a profound state of inner fullness and completeness that can also be called abundance and can manifest in your life in beautiful ways, including prosperity.