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Beyond the Prison of Belief

12-Session Releasing Series

Beyond the Prison of Belief Releasing Series Recordings (Digital)
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Most of us live in the artificially limited world of beliefs, and we have become obsessed by what we believe happened to us in the past and what that means for the future.

We have beliefs about how much money we can have, what kind of relationship we can have, what our level of health will be, and why we are not happy and at peace now.

These beliefs act as limiters to what is possible and filter a recognition of what actually is.

Beliefs tell us what we can or cannot have, be, or do.

Beliefs, by their very nature, conflict with each other. They can create the feeling of dissatisfaction with life—a feeling of incompleteness and aloneness even when everything appears to be going our way.

In short, they can either subtly or overtly become like an inescapable prison even amidst the beauty, love, peace, abundance, and boundlessness that already is.

On this course we explore the limitation of belief and experience the liberation that is beyond all belief.

Beyond the Prison of Belief Releasing Series Recordings (Digital)
10 payments of $25.00
Buy Now!
It's Risk Free!


We cover...

The Anatomy of Belief

Our beliefs color all experience. We relate to our beliefs as though we are relating to the world, and we therefore are always relating to what was and what may be. In this session, we will explore how beliefs are put together and how they cause the sense of limitation. We will begin the process of letting beliefs go. You will feel like you are putting down burdens that you were not even aware you were carrying.

Liberating Abundance

All of us have limiting beliefs about money. We believe there is a right and wrong way to make, spend, save, invest, and enjoy money. We will explore some of the core beliefs we all carry around money and release their hold on us. We will also explore how to deal with money in a more natural and abundant way.

Embracing Relationships

Most of us imagine we can’t live with or without our relationships. We are not usually relating to people as they are, but rather how we believe they are or should be. We often struggle with communicating our true feelings, expectations, needs, and requirements because deep down we believe we are not worthy of love. As you dissolve these beliefs, you uncover a joyous invitation to love more fully and freely.

Radiant Health and Well-Being

We tend to be obsessed with our bodies. And most of what we do in life is for the body and its believed limitations. The body has a natural ability to take care of itself, and it actually does a great job when you release these beliefs so they are no longer in the way. You then discover a sense of well-being and inner radiance in the physical world.

The Happiness Beyond Belief

We all have conflicting beliefs about happiness. We have lists of things we think we need to have or avoid in order to be happy and have a sense of well-being. When we examine our beliefs about happiness, we discover that we can experience happiness and joy now, no matter what our external circumstances appear to be. We also discover an uncaused happiness that is beyond what happens or does not happen.

Right and Wrong Are Not Absolute

Everyone has ideas and opinions about what is right and wrong with themselves and with the world. These can cause a lot of pain, conflict, and uncertainty. When you examine these ideas as beliefs and from a more expanded perspective, you can discover they are not absolute. This recognition frees you to see and experience the world from a lighter perspective.

Success and Failure Are Bound by Belief

We live in a world where striving for success or avoiding failure is the norm. This happens in every aspect of our lives. This striving is based on the beliefs we have about what true success and failure are and are not. These beliefs block us from dealing with what actually is and from taking whatever action is appropriate in this moment, if there actually are any actions required. By letting go of these beliefs, you then experience a flow and naturalness that frees you to have, be, or do what is appropriate now.

You Are Enough

We have been programmed from an early age that we are not good enough, smart enough, successful enough, happy enough, etc. The list goes on and on. This begins with a basic misunderstanding that we are a separate individual that can’t possibly be enough as we are. As you release your beliefs about enough you find yourself simply living life free of judgment and the expectation of incompleteness.

It Is Not About What We Know

We often feel that we don’t know enough. When we don’t know enough, we can believe we are stupid or even foolish, even if there is evidence to the contrary. When you release the belief in knowing, you find that there is a whole new way of relating to life as it happens. This brings a natural sense of harmony, peace, and certainty.

What’s Real About Freedom

There are many conflicting beliefs about what freedom is and what we need to do in order to find and keep it. We rarely live up to these expectations and believe the perfect solution to this is to simply try harder to get what we already are. As you let go of these beliefs, you discover that the freedom you are looking for is already shining in plain site as all that is already happening.

The Secret of Ownership

We all have problems, feelings, ideas, and experiences that we call our own. Yet, for most of us, we let this sense of ownership own us. The more we believe that we own these problems, feelings, ideas and experiences, the more we believe they are real and that we are trapped by them. There is a profound and limitless sense of freedom and aliveness when this belief in ownership is dissolved.

What Is Apparently Happening

As we discover the world beyond belief, we see that what is appearing here and now is a simple and natural flow of the one energy that all is. We discover that nothing is actually separate from that, and beyond the believed sense of me, there is already only boundless freedom.

Beyond the Prison of Belief Releasing Series Recordings (Digital)
10 payments of $25.00
Buy Now!
It's Risk Free!