Experience Your True Nature

We are All Unlimited

“We are all unlimited, being limited only by the concepts of limitation we hold in mind. So stop being what you are not, a limited mind and a limited body, and just be what you are—an infinite, totally free, grand and flowing being, whole and complete.” Lester Levenson

  • Are you a spiritual seeker?
  • Are you looking for emotional or spiritual freedom or mastery but haven’t found it yet?
  • Do you often feel “stuck” or even like you are moving backwards?
"I have studied the spiritual path for 37 years. I love the Sedona Method because it helps to bring things out that you are not aware you’re holding onto. It also makes it possible to be in the world and not of it, and stay centered in the now and Being. My life has taken a big step in studying the Sedona Method and I am again so thankful and grateful it has come into my journey. I have stopped looking outside myself and trying to control everything and have just surrendered inward to that which is deeper and more knowing than anything in the outside world or my self."
JoAnn Fabritz, Clarendon Hills, IL

Accelerate Your Spiritual Awakening

The Sedona Method is a powerful tool that will show you how to tap your natural ability to gently and effectively release or let go of those self-limiting beliefs and feelings which block you from being the changeless radiance that is your true nature as well as doing and having all you choose in your life!

“Releasing” is the key to unlocking those chains and anchors that weigh you down and conceal your own “buried treasures” of love, peace, prosperity and joy. When those feelings and “self-talk” that do not support you are released, what is left is WHO and WHAT you really are—UNLIMITED.

The Sedona Method is a tool that can be easily incorporated into your daily life no matter what spiritual practices currently are. It will help you to discover the power and presence—that which is always here and now—and accelerate your own processes for personal growth.

You will be able to:

  • Rediscover and learn to live from your inner place of unlimited freedom, personal power and joy.
  • Truly “let go” of those core feelings, beliefs and fears which keep you from creating the abundant life you want and the person you want to be.
  • Rekindle your dreams and goals with an inner knowingness of their achievement, as you let go of self-created impediments.
  • Improve your relationships by releasing any basis for conflict or separateness and uncover your true loving nature. Empower yourself to make new choices which out picture the results you want, as you free yourself from running on automatic.
  • Access your intuitive powers and higher consciousness.
  • Discover peace of mind and become “imperturbable” to the external events and encounters in your life (as they happen) that threaten inner peace.
  • Strengthen your “EQ” (Emotional Intelligence) by managing any reactive emotions with calm and clarity.
  • Virtually eliminate the inner stressors, which lead to poor health and disease.
"The simplicity of the Sedona Method sometimes can fool you. But now I know the Truth. I have given myself a wonderful gift and I am going to ride it all the way Home."
Jose Valera, Burbank, CA

No Personal Sharing Required

This course does not require personal sharing or the invasion of a participant’s privacy in order to learn and obtain the benefits of the Sedona Method. The Sedona Method is designed to create a safe and supportive environment to optimize each person’s self-awareness and the ability to effectively use the Sedona Method.

The Sedona Method is not therapy or programming of any kind. It is a unique way of using and maximizing one’s natural ability to “let go” or surrender so that you can create inner security along with a felt mastery over your life.

The Final Question

When you “release,” you focus on your feelings, tendencies and wants—and let them go. In so doing, the mind is quieted enough to answer the “final question” of “Who or What am I?” When you fully answer this question with your heart, not your mind, you will discover the grand, glorious and unlimited Self you are now and have always been.

You can live life free to identify with your true and natural unlimited nature every moment of every day. The Sedona Method will give you the “how to” to do just that.

How does the Sedona Method work?


As you use the Method, you will find over time that the very situations and experiences that you used to find the most exhausting or disturbing will become less and less so, until you may even forget that you used to have those kinds of experiences.

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