Healing Conflict

12-Session Live Releasing Series


I am sure I don’t have to tell you that our world is full of conflict and strife. This is not just the world we share, but it’s also the part of the world that is most intimate to us—our own thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Yet the tension and suffering we feel from these conflicts is avoidable if we are willing to honestly explore and release the opposing forces that we carry within us.

As you uncover and dissolve your own inner conflicts, you will discover that all the turmoil you experience originates from your own consciousness. Instead of blaming or punishing yourself for what you see in and around you, by letting go you can discover true resolution, happiness, and peace even now. You then naturally take this calm and inner security with you through all that is experienced.

In the 12 sessions of the course, we will explore a different conflict that plagues us all. We will be using all the tools of the Sedona Method including the 5th Way – Free Way to break free of our inner wars and embrace peace. These sessions are designed to be powerful, interactive, and enlightening. You will enjoy and benefit from listening to the recordings from this course over and over again.

Healing Conflict 12-Session Live Releasing Series
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Here is just some of what we will explore…

Turning Resistance into Flow

We often resist what we don’t want in life, which leaves us holding on to the very things we are resisting. As you learn that resistance and flow naturally eb and flow, you move beyond both and discover true harmony and even tranquility. You discover when to go with the flow and when it’s appropriate to say no. You will begin to discover how life feels when you are filled with ease and lightness instead of resistance.

There Is No Right and No Wrong

Most of us would rather be right than be Freedom. As you learn to see beyond right and wrong, you start to see what is actually here now. This clear seeing helps you to relax and open inside. You stop pushing for that which conflicts with you and open to that which brings harmony and joy. As you let go of the polarity of right and wrong, you will experience compassion, grace, and harmony.

Seeing from Their Point of View

We get so locked into our own points of view that we forget that others see things in their own unique ways. When you allow yourself to stretch past your point of view, you discover that we all are looking for the same thing. Resolution, cooperation, and ease become more possible for all. You also gain valuable insight about yourself and those that you care about which helps head off future conflict.

Beyond Good and Bad

Most of us have very fixed ideas of what is good and bad. Yet if we go beyond the surface, we can discover that good and bad are subjective and not always as true as they seem. As you allow yourself to look beyond what you think is good and bad, you discover what is real and natural. You discover that good and bad are merely conceptual frameworks the mind uses to justify its own suffering. You also find yourself naturally doing what is most appropriate as you fully let go.

Beyond Love and Hate, There Is Serenity

The way most of us experience love is just the flip side of hate. If you pay attention you will discover that the people we love the most often stir up deep-seated hate and resentment. As you discover that this form of love and the hate that is its dance partner are limiting you, there is an opening to discover true love. This natural love has no opposite and is unconditional, always available for all and as all.

Harmony Between Male and Female

Everyone, whether their body is male or female, carries both male and female energy within them. As you learn to harmonize and honor these energies within you, there is a natural opening to honoring, respecting, and cherishing these energies within all. This brings more harmony to you and everyone you know.

Breaking Free of Passivity and Aggression

Most of us either yield when we should stand strong or push when we should be yielding. We say yes when we mean no, and we resent others for not knowing what we need or want. When we let go, we openly communicate and allow ourselves to have what is right for us. As you let go of your passivity and your aggression, you discover there is a new way of being that opens you to what is beyond these limiting attitudes and behaviors.

The Dance of Light and Darkness

This world is a play of light and dark, yet most of us prefer the light and resist the dark. As we learn to embrace both, we discover a whole new world. As you let go of the apparent tension between light and dark, you find that there is a radiance beyond light and dark allowing for both to exist. You embrace the darkness while becoming a bringer of infinite light.

The Bliss Beyond Pain and Pleasure

Most of us push away pain and chase after pleasure. Lester Levenson used to say, “For each ounce of pleasure you take from the world, you get pounded with pain.” He did not mean you should be stuck in pain or that you should shun pleasure. He was referring to that which is beyond both pain and pleasure, which is your natural state of imperturbable peace and joy.

The True Happiness Beyond Sorrow

When we look for happiness outside of ourselves, it often leads to disappointment. As you discover that the true source of happiness is right within you, you bring happiness to your life instead of looking for happiness where it isn’t. This changes everything you experience and do in a very positive way. You will find yourself smiling for no reason and appreciating what is as it is.

Highest and Best Good

Most of the time we live life based only on what is good for “me” and forget that there are others to consider. As we release, we can discover that when we look for what is in everyone’s highest and best good, it is even better for us. It creates more harmony in our lives, and it brings lasting success and abundance for all.

From Illusion to Reality

What if all that we believe is real is actually part of a grand illusion that most of us bought into? You can discover that there is an underlying reality that makes all possible. As you discover this from your own direct experience, your illusions drop away, and an exquisite beauty that is impossible to even imagine is revealed. The more you rest as your true self, the more you feel unshakable peace and are a force for goodness, light, and delight.